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4 Must Have Branding Essentials for Enterprise Business Growth

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Ensuring your brand stays on-point is critical, especially in highly competitive industries. Enterprise companies may have more market share than the average small business, but that doesn’t mean branding efforts should slow or stop.

Branding is a constant must-do for enterprise companies in order to stay relevant, innovative, and on the minds of current and prospective clients. You want to be sure clients don’t wander off to your competitors while also attracting new business.

Here are a few branding statistics to consider as we move into 2021:

  • Brand consistency can increase revenue by 33 percent
  • 86 percent of consumers agree that authenticity is important
  • Transparency matters for 66 percent of consumers
  • 73 percent of consumers said customer service is essential

Consistency, authenticity, transparency, and customer service are all branding hallmarks that need to be part of your overall branding efforts. This could be as big as revamping your brand voice, or as small as branding custom reusable grocery bags for client swag via Discount Mugs.

The following must-have branding essentials for enterprise business growth may prove useful. Let’s dive in!

1. Touch Up Your Brand’s Look and Tone

Your enterprise company already has branding in place, but when was the last time you took a look at how your branding is working in today’s market? The digital age and ever-changing shifts may be affecting your brand look and tone. Is it still relevant?

It may be time to touch up your brand’s look and tone. You may need to revamp your brand’s voice completely. What does your brand stand for, and is this still relevant today? What are clients saying about your brand today? Does your brand have a personality that fits the current market?

These questions will get you thinking introspectively. If branding seems a bit off, give it a tune-up and track metrics to see if the new direction of your branding works.

2. Create A Powerful Presence Online for The Brand

Your enterprise company should have client personas in place. But reaching those client personas effectively can be challenging, especially in today’s digital business landscape.

Establishing a powerful presence online is more important than ever before since digital is the new norm in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. How strong is your brand’s presence online? Are you owning the top search results for your brand’s keywords?

Online presence includes blogs, thought-leadership, social media, and authoritative publication mentions. Your brand message should be everywhere online, but don’t be spammy. Serve up meaningful, actionable, and innovative content online.

For instance, find out where your clients hang out on social media and leverage social channels to reach and connect with potential clients. If your clients live on LinkedIn, publish LinkedIn posts and articles that your clients can find and use.

3. Enterprise Business Growth Hinges on Having Your Brand Everywhere

This is important, and it goes beyond having a powerful online presence for your brand. Your brand’s digital message should be translated into the physical world as well. For example, creating branded swag for clients and employees.

Ever see an enticing shirt or ha and wonder what that company is. You may have even Google searched the brand after seeing the shirt, hat, coffee mug, or grocery bag. This makes your brand message part of the physical world.

Get your brand name, logo, and message everywhere possible. Think about Starbucks. In most cases, a consumer can identify a Starbucks via the logo and color from blocks away.

Ever see someone carrying a Starbucks logo on a cup and think to yourself, “I could go for a coffee, there must be a Starbucks nearby.” This is the power of having branding everywhere.

4. Strong Customer Service Needs to Be A Top Priority

Customer service is now intertwined with branding, especially for enterprise companies with a strong online presence. Why? If poor customer service is present, clients will let the world know about it online.

By ensuring strong customer service, you are giving clients a chance to talk about your brand in a positive way. This translates to more business growth at scale.

And be sure to give clients a chance to leave stellar customer reviews online. This can be through social media reviews on Facebook or LinkedIn, or via Google reviews. You can even produce client testimonial videos to use on YouTube and your website.

Wrapping Up . . .

The above must have branding essentials for enterprise business growth are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more branding must-dos for enterprise companies out there. But the above are among the most important to consider in today’s complex business environment. What’s your branding plan for 2021?

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