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How to Rebrand Your Business

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Your business brand is your company culture. It is what identifies what your business is and what kind of experience you promise to offer to your customers. If you are planning to rebrand your business, there are some vital points you need to consider.

Your brand is made up of a various of factors such as market­ability, market differentiation, brand awareness, brand relevance, brand culture, brand associations, and its equity. If you ask yourself whether it is the right time to rebrand your business, it is very important that you are able to improve any of the aforementioned factors to make your customers happier.

If you are experiencing a sales decrease; you are losing loyal customers and not gaining any new ones, perhaps it is the right time to take a look at rebranding tactics. It might also be a good idea to rebrand your business if the look is old fashioned, or if you have not altered your business look in a long time to fit the current consumer’s preferences. Furthermore, if you want to switch up your target market, as your current business brand is not attracting the consumers you want, it might be best to rebrand your business. Whatever the case, if you’re looking to rebrand your company, take a look at our guide:


Re-learn the social media marketing rules

Social media has changed over the past few years, and its users have different uses for social media. For one thing, they are doing their research on who a brand is and what they stand for, so make it clear what your priorities are on your social media.

Another point is that users are looking to get to know your team. They want a personable front to relate to, so a lot of social media marketing has shifted to showing off the team just doing everyday things or having fun conversations.

Consider your reputation

As the saying goes, the internet never forgets. We’re in a culture of dredging up controversies that happened decades ago, whether for better or worse. But it means a brand has to deal with old problems becoming new again and new problems becoming immortalized on the internet.

A damaged reputation can mean a negative impact on your business in the future, which means you have to take steps to correct any wrongdoings in the company. But what are those steps? It can be hard to decipher from the inside looking out what the right moves are, and what effect that could have on the business as a whole. If you’re in the UK, Percepto reputation management can help you get your brand back to a better place. Cultural problems, like Blizzard’s latest controversy, was considered a company-wide issue, and people were calling for an entire firing of the staff. Blizzard didn’t take that action, probably because they had a reputation management team detailing them on how they could avoid such a drastic measure.

Rethink your logo

There might be a million different reasons for why you would want to shake up the graphics of your branding, the most obvious one being that a bit of change might get new eyes on your business. But there is also the fact that things change. Maybe your current branding style doesn’t suit you as a company anymore. Maybe customer values have emerged that you hadn’t considered when you launched. Maybe there’s something about you that they like that you would like to put forward.

Since you have designed your initial logo, take a look at it again and see if it has lost some of its meaning. Maybe it doesn’t express your new direction or what your customers enjoy your products for. Maybe it does all those things, but it just needs readdressing, or tidying up. Maybe the overly detailed logo doesn’t look good on mobile apps, maybe the simplest design says absolutely nothing.

Simplicity is the key to adaptability, but the power of a logo is being able to look at it and know exactly what the company is driving at. For a well-known example, look to Adidas, whose logo also came about due to a rebrand. They were simply sticking three stripes on everything they sold to begin with, but then they tilted the stripes and said it was a mountain, evoking the ideas of physical challenges, which is apt for a sports brand.

Rebranding a business is a great strategy to grow your company. It inspires growth in your business. it increases your business’s profit. Moreover, it positions your business to gain a competitive advantage among your competitors. Keep in mind that rebranding a business will require an internal change which recreate your business’s identity and could occur at any time (even multiple times) during your whole business’s existence.


So, before you start rebranding your business, you have to be certain that you have the time, the funds, the workforce, and a creative idea to facilitate a successful rebranding.

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