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Best Giveaway Ideas For Promoting Your Business

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Growing competition poses a constant threat ahead of small businesses who have to constantly advance by thinking out of the box and securing the requisite brand recognition. Business promotional items can serve as a great means of increasing the visibility of your company ahead of your potential customers. While it requires some upfront investment, the return is bound to be worth the expense. If you are a business owner thinking of launching a giveaway, then you have landed at the right page. Today we are going to talk about some common merchandise which can help in capturing new leads and nurturing the old ones.


  •         Pen

This can surely be tagged as one of the most common giveaway products which is often used due to its cheap price. In spite of having small dimensions, they can be of great help in spreading brand awareness. Refillable pens usually have multiple owners throughout their life span and this can further amp up the popularity of your brand.


  •         Coffee Mugs

Millennial corporates rely on coffee for being alert while juggling tonnes of paperwork. This makes coffee mugs a classic promotional giveaway. Businesses can either print their logo or opt for quirky quotes carrying a touch of their brand personality.


  •         Sticky Pad

Won’t it be great if you could embed your company logo in a place where your prospective clients jot down their daily reminders? We bet it would and that makes sticky pad such a great giveaway option. Just seeing your logo might remind them to seek out an overdue product or service.


  •         Gift Cards

Thrift shoppers adore gift cards be it for availing windfall discounts at their next purchase or for simply getting products or services for free. An Xbox gift card is another popular choice of businesses vying for brand promotion as it allows your end customer to select the game of their choice, be it speed racing, detective stories or zombie warfare.


  •         Notebook

Parents wish to give the best education to their little ones. Gifting notebooks as promotional giveaways can help parents in saving money on school supply which can surely be treated as a win-win situation for both the business house and its end customers. This has led to the popularity of notepads as great promo objects which can impart a professional appearance to your business.


  •         Power Bank

While the portable chargers might be a bit on the pricey side, it can surely serve you well in the long run. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives but we often complain of battery issues especially while travelling. This is where the power banks can fill the void and also inculcate your brand consciousness amongst the target customers.


  •         Edible Items

While business houses often worry about the viability of gifts, food items can serve as a great choice. For doing this, companies usually tie up with local food chains or other online brands which can arrange for chocolates, pastries, bread or fruit baskets along with a thoughtful card carrying your business logo.


  •         Keychain Flashlight

Add a dash of light to your promotional campaigns with the super handy keychain flashlight which can make your customers thank you when they get stranded at the middle of the road and the flashlight saves the day.


  •         Stickers

Stickers are a highly effective tool for your company’s promotional branding. They can be either printed or purchased in bulk at cheap rates which allows sending them out to more than 100 winners without incurring hefty expenses. The number of people entering the contest will automatically increase if the number of winners is more as their chance of winning heightens in this way.


  •         Calendar Magnet

Cooking aficionados spend a lion’s share of their time in the kitchen. Having a calendar magnet attached to the fridge carrying your company logo can keep their memory refreshed about the last product or service availed from you and when to place the next order.


  •         Drinkware

Everyone needs a water bottle whether at the gym or while carrying errands. Corporates can spice up the whole thinking by giving stainless steel or insulated bottles in their next giveaway contests. The branded water bottles never fail to catch the eye of the viable customer while being used on the go.


  •         Stress Balls

Mental health is now being given a lot of importance and in such a scenario giving stress balls as promotional giveaways can surely be a highly thoughtful option.


  •         Cell Phone Stand

Phone stands can pave the path for hands-free entertainment which has led to its popularity as a promotional product. They come in fun shapes making them a highly favoured goodie of people of all age groups.



Promotional giveaways have been used as a tried and tested marketing tactic for generating interest and boosting up sales. In spite of being an old trick, it has retained its effectiveness over time so that you can boost brand awareness, increase website traffic and lure in more social media followers over time.

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