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Advice for Starting a Successful Auto Repair Business

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Running a successful and profitable auto repair business is one of the best experiences for any entrepreneur. Content marketing for your auto business, franchising, and numerous strategies and approaches can be used to run such a business successfully. Read on more for more tips!

In case you’ve ever been interested in owning a repair shop for cars and different vehicles, now is the most strategic time to get the ball rolling due to the high-profit gains that are being experienced in the car-repair industry. A significant number of drivers and car lovers in this present age own one or two or more cars that have clocked the 10-year mark. This, in turn, means that the need for auto-mechanic experts is increasing by the day thus giving you the green-light to start an auto-repair business.

In light of this, below are some of the most excellent tips that can give you that much-needed edge when starting your own auto-repair business to ensure that it becomes the epitome of success.

Use Your Business`s Location to Decide Whether or Not to Specialize

When a person is coming up with auto repair business plans, one of the pivotal decisions that he/she has to make is whether to specialize the auto repair business or not. The best method of evading such a dilemma is to consider the area in which the new store is being set up. While general auto repair businesses can easily succeed in almost any location and region, it can be hard to make ends meet especially when there are many competitors in the same market.  If you find yourself in such a situation, then it’s only wise for you to set up a specialized auto-repair business.

Understand the Startup Costs of Your Auto-repair Business

The mistake most make when it comes to budgeting for the most appropriate startup costs for their auto repair business is not planning beyond the opening of the business`s doors.

As such, it’s only prudent for you to see beyond the kicking off of your auto repair business and begin to plan for future expenses even before you open the store. Make solid projections for your shop`s yearly costs and ensure that you include at least the first two years` costs in your startup capital`s budget.

Ensure that You Acquire an Automotive Service Excellence Certification (ASE)

One of the most foolproof methods of gaining the trust of auto repair business customers is by posting your ASE certification on your shop`s wall. On top of this, it helps in convincing liability insurers of legitimacy and seriousness of your auto repair business. Other than losing customers, the lack of this certification could hamper your business`s growth by making it hard to get financing from banks or even experienced private investors.

Ensure that there`s Top-notch Content Marketing for Your Auto Business

When you start an auto repair business, ensure that the strategy of content marketing for your auto business is reflected in your business plans. In case you don`t have previous customers that can follow you to your new business, you should try out the myriads of marketing options that are at your disposal. You can try ads in radio spots and local publications, or even the more recent marketing methods such as Google Adwords that target search terms linked to auto repairs. If you don’t plan on hiring an internal full-time employee for your auto shop digital marketing services, consider looking to an automotive PPC agency like

It would help if you also considered the improvement of your content marketing on social media. Any type of online marketing campaigns for your auto business will become valuable when your customers are ready to share your posts, ideas and best thoughts into their social media circles and recommend your services to their followers. To get this, you must ensure your content is relevant and exciting to them. Social media platform are extensions of our essential characteristics and opportunities for sharing information. Also, it would be best if you always encouraged them to keep sharing your ideas and inviting their associates into your groups.

Always Remember That Employees are the Foundation of Your Auto Repair Business

Unless your auto repair business plans dictate that you will be the only person working in your shop, it is crucial for you to pick out the best professionals for the various dockets in your auto repair business. In addition to this, you should always be ready to pay them at competitive rates to keep them glued to your auto repair shop.

Get Legal Advice

Finding a good lawyer is a valuable step in establishing a successful auto repair business. This is because you will be required to acquire a valid business license, open bank accounts that handle tax reporting among many other legal requirements. Having a qualified person to help you manage these legal necessities will save you from mistakes that could cost your business.

Choose Franchising to Gain Knowledge

In case you are a fledgling business owner, it is advisable for you to begin by working with a franchise as you find your feet in this auto repairs industry. Once you’ve established a client base and acquired the knowledge you need to run your own business, you can then proceed to strike out on your own.


Establishing a home auto repair business is not a walk in the park as many of us imagine. It requires a lot of commitment, patience, and above all an exceptional framework of how to succeed in the auto repair business. Above are seven of the most foolproof tips that anyone could use to propel an auto repair business into the stratosphere.

Do you have any secrets and tips to succeed in the auto repair industry? We`d be glad to read your comments!

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