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This event is especially relevant in this economic climate because my event is a way that business owners...

Presentations can be difficult and quite often stressful. In this post I share some practical advice on how to make your presentations memorable.

The Eastern Chapter of the MBA Association of Ireland invite you to attend the "MBAAI Barometer Series" - barometers of […]

Online business professionals have to deal with issues which can have a huge impact on their success. Here's a look at how a golden touch mindset can help you find the traction you need to move your business forward.

We are having a twineup to celebrate Bloggertone's launch! It's just like that - a spontaneous party - and its taking place on Twitter tonight (23 Oct ’09). You don't need to go anywhere.
From the comfort of where-ever you are simply grab your favourite beverage, sit in front of your favourite Twitter client (mine is TweetDeck) and run a search for "#twineup"

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