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The Best WordPress Plugins

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Many web developers manage different websites to promote their business, products, services, and social media. Through the WordPress server, web developers better engage visitors, secure sites, improve functionality, and increase leads through WordPress plugins. Potentially, all programmers, businesses, web developers, and social media experts benefit when using the best WordPress plugins of 2020. For more professional websites, WordPress administrators use plugins that enhance website and application functionality and design, loading times, data control, and links. In essence, plugins allow developers more creative and professional solutions for digital business strategies.

What is WordPress?

Classified as a content management system (CMS), WordPress is an alternative to other website application software like Wix or Squarespace. More importantly, more companies need to manage greater amounts of big data for businesses’ needs while optimizing website performances. Knowing how to manage big data to optimize WordPress sites is the best way to stay relevant in the market and continue to deliver quality content to clients. For most users, WordPress software is a free download for multiple servers with premium services available for more advanced features.

Usually, the free version of WordPress, along with free WordPress plugins, enables most users with the necessary capabilities and tools for running high-performance web applications. However, hosting a website online does include hosting fees. WordPress, along with many of its features are available from within the software, however, the installation and configuration of applications do require more technical expertise. WordPress developers have many options on the internet to learn more about WordPress. When setting up a plugin, seek professional support to better optimize personal and business WordPress sites.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

As additional software extensions to WordPress, plugins expand WordPress functionality with programs that add or improve application design, visitor interaction, marketing, analytics, and security features within the WordPress software. Fortunately, WordPress developers access thousands of plugins from within the WordPress software. Developers may also install powerful WordPress Plugins for their individual businesses. From WordPress tabs,  the “plugins” tab appears and shows numerous plugin installations for WordPress with rankings, reviews, descriptions, and details. This article identifies the best WordPress plugins of 2020 for programmers, web and mobile application developers, and businesses.

Why use a WordPress Plugin?

To develop creative and more functional websites for business, websites with useful plugins assist users with managing content and attract more visitors to sites. Depending on the plugin, WordPress developers can create better style content and website designs, add buttons, and contact forms. Additionally, plugins support users with optimizing pages with search engine optimization (SEO) tools, enhance the performance of sites, decrease load times, compress images and media data, and allow backup and security options for WordPress sites. In combination, the best WordPress plugins of 2020 allow for better website performance and more opportunities to meet business objectives.

Best Plugins for WordPress Users

As a WordPress administrator, the user develops content through numerous web pages. The process of customizing layouts, designing images, formatting texts, uploading media, and organizing content is complex without a proper plugin tool. Specific plugin software integrates directly on WordPress interfaces to enable users easier formatting and designing options that are not present on a default WordPress software. As a result, these plugins offer visitors more interaction tools when navigating through WordPress sites, such as marketing constant contact forms, re-directional links to social media pages, and more opportunities to engage in pop-up advertisements. More importantly, user focus plugins allow further creativity from developers do adjust, style, and design more unique content on WordPress sites. Finally, most plugins are free to install and equip administrators with tracking and analytical tools to display visitor interaction data for businesses.


Amelia is a simple yet powerful WordPress booking plugin, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can book appointments or events and pay online even while you sleep.

Installing and configuring Amelia is only taking a few clicks. They continuously focus on maximum simplicity and convenience for Amelia’s end users, so most actions, both on the front-end and back-end are intuitive do not require more than 2-3 clicks.


wpDataTables is a best-selling WordPress table plugin that makes your work with tables, charts, and data management easy. Tens of thousands of companies and individuals already trust this plugin to work with financial, scientific, statistical, commercial, and other data.

WordPress Tables created with the wpDataTables plugin are natively responsive and can be used on any device type. The WordPress plugin works quickly with large tables, up to millions of rows. All the operations will be handled by the MySQL server.wpDataTables allows you to create individual filters for your dataset, which is quite a handy way to quickly narrow down the results of your WordPress table.


MapSVG is a WordPress maps plugin that helps you create custom content (people, real estate, events, or anything else) and show it on a vector, image, or Google Maps – with filters and search.

Use one of the 100+ included vector maps. You can draw a custom map or floorplan in your favorite vector graphics software and make it dynamic with this interactive maps plugin.

Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Without a doubt, every WordPress site benefits from installing the Elementor Page Builder plugin for WordPress Sites. From design, pop up features, templates, and buttons, the users equip the necessary marketing, advertising, and themes to WordPress sites with simple drag and drop navigation. Similar to Wix and Square Space content management systems (CMS), the WordPress plugin applies a user-friendly formatting tool to adjust, compress, scale, move, and insert media with ease and compatibility.

As a plus, the user changes are compatible across multiple browsers, like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and work well with most web and mobile interfaces. As a front end page builder, it offers many themes, page layouts, and editor features that support better content segmentation. Users will navigate through a WordPress site and easily locate their topics of interest without the need for an extra search step. With the support of Elementor Page Builder, developers also segment content through the site column formatting and through quality site animations that interact with user interactions with page sites.

Visitor Plugins

Developers need to use the best WordPress plugins of 2020 to increase website traffic, improve visitor engagement, and promote more client communication and interaction. Tools such as constant contact forms enable businesses to track and analyze traffic patterns on websites, collect client data and information, and optimize sites to rank higher on Google search engines. Equally important, developers benefit from applying plugins that limit potential spammers, promotions, and non-organic traffic flow within sites.

WP Forms

In particular, the WP Forms plugin is a software extension to WordPress sites that make managing constant contact features and client list creations easier for developers. The plugin offers a variety of promotional opportunities for clients with contact, payment, survey, newsletter, and registration forms. Furthermore, WP Form users access hundreds of templates to choose from that include editing features for each arrangement. As more visitors opt-in the email forms, businesses ensure greater lines of direct communications with clients for marketing products, services, promotions, and updates for clients.

In regards to WordPress site traffic, another important feature of WP Forms assists web developers with managing potential spammers on websites. Spammers and promoters distract organic traffic with irrelevant comments and external promotional links that distract users from the original quality content on WordPress sites. Through the software extension, WP Forms allows users to create content that targets market audiences while providing disabling features for comment sections. As a side note, the plugin features do not alter page performance, but simply filter out the potential risks and remove nonessential applications that counter business goals.

Optimization Plugins

As a priority for all businesses, high rankings on search engines invite more business to websites. In other words, products, and services on websites that rank higher leave competitors less valuable to different market segments.  As a tool, there are a variety of WordPress plugins that assist users with formatting website layouts that naturally rank high for Google search engines. Fortunately, most plugins are free and equip users with numerous resources to signal search engine optimization (SEO) suggestions and better layout formats that work well with WordPress sites. Additionally, optimization plugins allow for better connectivity to other related links to offer traffic to more user-generated content.

Yoast SEO

To continue, Yoast SEO is a popular optimization tool that helps all WordPress users with following standard search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines that work well with Google Search Engines. Moreover, the Yoast SEO software extension is free on the WordPress plugins store and features variations tools to support web developers with better optimization practices. Included within the program, users may understand and configure content according to proper SEO, readability, snippet, slugs, keyword, and meta scores. Additionally, the software signals to developers of proper image and media standards that address feature images, image attributes to text, and captions. Also, the resource also indicates how backlinks, outbound links, and affiliate links improve search optimization scores for WordPress Sites.

Pretty Links

Other optimization plugins are available for developers to improve WordPress sites. For example, Pretty Links better organizes affiliate links on multiple WordPress sites to raise search engine optimization (SEO) rankings on Google. To elaborate, Pretty Links allows users to redefine link URLs among multiple articles. This better connects traffic to more up-to-date content that ranks higher with Google search engines. Rather than creating manual link alterations to each page on websites, users operate all affiliated links through one management center. Better content management and link updates ensure less time on project development. It also promotes higher search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Lastly, it increases traffic through effective and affiliated link management.

Performance Plugins

Additionally, certain plugins better manage website loading times for WordPress web applications. In other words, high rendering times for web pages and media files rank lower. These websites push traffic away to more functional and optimized sites. More specifically, an optimization plugin configures all data within a WordPress Site. This includes images, video files, and web content. Once adjusted, websites rank higher on Google search rankings.

W3 Total Cache

For instance, W3 Total cache is a WordPress plugin that works within site documents to enable faster load times on websites. Simply put, the process downloads segments of web content at a time. Rather than processing an entire document at once, this improves speeds. In combination with Stackpath or Cloudfare, it further decreases load times by connecting traffic towards more local geographical servers. Moreover, the W3 Total Cache software permits faster repeat visits to sites. As a result, more traffic lands on websites due to higher connectivity and processing times.

Smush, ShortPixel, and Imagify

In most cases, sites with multiple pages of content and large media files slow site responsiveness. To elaborate, images and videos with high pixel graphics and animations slow website speeds. Unfortunately, the decreases in rate place WordPress sites lower on Google search engines. To improve performance, applications like Smush, ShortPixel, and Imagify compress media files and offer web responsiveness analytics.

Plugins, like Smush, orient all images on websites to lower data components while featuring graphics to display upon user examination. When considering alternatives, web developers also configure VPN software, stock photos, and implement automation software to keep the media up-to-date. Equally important, compress plugins also include tracking lists for web developers. This identifies potential clients and measures website performance. Overall, the media compression software creates faster websites, offers useful tracking tools, and ranks sites higher on search browser engines.

Programmer Plugins

With assistance, a web programmer and specific WordPress plugins can increase web page optimization and better manage content on websites. Within a WordPress document, programming defaults offer users various configuration optimizations options that meet Google search engine standards. Also, homepages and web pages better link together with images and other media to accommodate programming codes. This results in higher optimization rankings.

WP Fastest Cache

For instance, WP Fastest Cache enables web programmers to modify script and programming codes to ensure more compatible content and media on websites. To clarify, personal optimization codes within WordPress documents restructures how content renders and stores information onto other affiliated web pages. Next, web developers continue to prepare snippets of code on the website for more natural verification processes. Most social media, google analytics, and affiliate networks require verification. This means that plugins and code snippets expedite projects and offer more creativity and functionality onto WordPress sites.

WP Rocket

As an alternative, WPRocket is another programmer plugin that shares similar functionality and purpose as WP Fastest Cache. The difference, WP Rocket is a paid plugin software that includes web developers to more advanced features. Particularly, cache plugins work well with verifications of split testing software. Also, it allocates more efficient programming code to meta regions on websites. Once more, users select to apply code snippets through various web pages or within the homepage of WordPress sites. In essence, better programming creates quicker websites and handles file compressions that position websites higher on multiple search engine browsers.

Security and Backup Plugins

Among the variety of plugins, web developers and businesses greatly benefit from applying simple and effective security and backup plugins. Moreover,  up-to-date content prevents potential data risks from hackers. It also restores website performance and updates storage data.

Really Simple SSL

For security, security plugins like Really Simple SSL are helpful for all web developers and WordPress sites. With the software, users brand their sites with lock icons to indicate secure sites. In addition, the  HTTP domains change into HTTPS protocol domains with an SSL certificate. Although the site is more secure, other plugins incorporate additional security features such as authentication, malware scanners, and firewalls. Other plugins, like Limit Login Attempts and Loginizer, limit excessive accounts of login attempts. It also requires authentication certificates for site visitors.


IThemes, a plugin security software, is an extension to WordPress servers that handle security protocols through one center. In comparison, IThemes functions similarly to other plugin securities such as Wordfence Security and Sucuir Security. With automation technology,  the programs updates websites and plugins. Also, it offers web developers malware scanning, auditing, and firewalls to support data security better and prevent potential data risks. Moreover, the software consists of tracking tools to identify spammers and filtering lists to exclude non-organic traffic onto WordPress sites.


For backups, backup plugins like UpdraftPlus enables web developers to restore potential uncompleted or interrupted projects. Restoration plugins are essential to maintain WordPress websites and better manage large content periodically. For example, a user with UpdraftPlus configures WordPress settings to create a backup once a week to refresh altered or new data and to file all data securely at one trusted server. In this scenario, Users may redirect WordPress backups at Dropbox, S3, Google Drive, Rackspace, FTP, and SFTP servers. Additionally, data files may restore through emails. With UpdraftPlus, users sync files regularly to secure server locations.


Regardless of project or enterprise, the best WordPress plugins of 2020 enhance online business. Through functional and secure design, websites rank higher on search engines and gain more trust in potential site visitors. Overall, WordPress plugins assist developers in developing creative and functional sites. In essence, great websites will promote more site visitors to higher ranking web sites.

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