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Top Business Function Plugins for WordPress Websites in 2019

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Are you looking for the top WordPress plugins to equip your business websites with features for next generation users?

Now, there are more than 54,000 plugins available to be clubbed to WordPress sites. So, when a new WP developer is trying to make use of a few for a business website, choosing the most appropriate ones may be a bit overwhelming task. The readers often ask which are the best plugins for various functions like SEO, backup, speed, social media, security, etc.

As of the top resource site for WordPress info seekers, we had put in some efforts by deploying a few experts to test the premium WordPress plugins to identify which are the most useful and feature-rich plugins to be presented to the users. As an outcome of this experimentation, here we are presenting a few top business-centric WordPress plugins for the users to trust.

Essential WordPress plugins for business sites

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list and also cannot be used as a default reference without knowing your actual needs and objectives. However, these have chosen based on the common functional needs of every business website and can be considered as an authentic reference point.

1. WPForms

Any given business website may have a variety of forms for purposes ranging from getting user credentials to the conduction of surveys or contact forms. On any online platform, the visitors to your website used to touch base with you through such forms, if not through online chats. For this purpose, WPForms is the most functional and user-friendly form plugin to consider.

It’s a simple drag & drop type of form builds, which will enable easy creation of various sorts of the contact form, order form, form for email subscription, payment form, survey form, etc. to mention a few. The advantage is that you need not have to a programming expert to custom these functional forms, but it is as easy as just a few clicks to custom build such forms.

WPForms Lite version is available for free to those who want only basic form creation. However, if you want more serious options to be added to the form, then it is ideal for getting the Pro version of WPForms, which have many advanced and powerful features, and can also boost up your lead generation initiatives.

2. Yoast SEO

No doubt that SEO is a primary need for any business website online to attract more users to your website and convert the traffic to revenue. WordPress is an SEO friendly CMS out of the box, but there are many additional things you can do to enhance your website traffic by following the SEO-best website management practices where Yoast SEO will help.

The top branding services advise Yoast SEO as an all-in-one SEO plug-in. Yoast offers a comprehensive solution for search engine effectiveness with many tools and features helping on-page SEO. It enables the addition of meta tags, helps generate the sitemaps, adds the web pages to Google Search Console, and social media optimization, etc.

Yoast also offers a mighty ‘Redirect’ option, which lets the users create the 301 redirects easily. IT can also detect the URL changes and create auto-redirects so that there will not be any broken links left to create an adverse SEO impact.

3. MonsterInsights

Getting website statistics is a primary need for any site administrators, and MonsterInsights is the plugin for Google Analytics on WordPress. This plug-in will let you connect to the website through Google Analytics and give you a true data-based insight as to how users find your website and make use of it to the optimum.

The plug-in will show all important website status, which is crucial at a commonplace as the WordPress dashboard. Based on the stats, you can try to optimize your website in terms of subscribers, traffic, and revenue generation. With this app, you may practice a bit to install Google Analytics, using it for eCommerce and web activity tracking, and also how to get the exact user engagement. MonsterInsights also has both a free basic version and a more powerful pro version.

4. Sucuri

Along with performance, security is also a primary concern website owner should consider a priority. Sucuri is a top security plugin for WordPress sites and firewall protection for web applications, offering top-notch protection. The app features monitor your website and protect it from any DDoS attacks, malware, brute force attacks, XSS attacks, and many other such destructive attacks.

If you don’t already have a firewall to protect your website, then it is high time to add one immediately. With thousands of installations across websites of various domains, Sucuri is mighty enough to block hundreds of thousands of attacks each month.

5. UpdraftPlus

Considering security, another essential need is for proper and timely backup of your WordPress site. UpdraftPlus is one of the top backup plugins for WordPress websites. It will let you do automatic backups and also store the backup data on remote locations like Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, S3, email, FTP, and so on.

Restoration is also easy using UpdraftPlus, which you can do in a customized manner from stored previous backups. The basic version of this plug-in is free and the advanced one coming with extra features is a premium version which is par with other famous WordPress plugins like VaultPress and BackupBuddy etc.

6. Beaver Builder

As the name suggests, Beaver Builder is one of the top-easy drag and drop type of WordPress webpage builder plug-in. It will let you customize your website much easier and create wonderful layouts without wringing even a single line of code.

Business owners would love Beaver Builder as it will help them to create completely customized web pages and landing pages in a matter of minutes without waiting for a developer and designer to take up the work. Divi plug-in also used for this same purpose alternatively with Beaver Builder.

In fact, as we told earlier, this isn’t an exhaustive list with the limitations we have to make it a much longer article. However, to mention the name of a few others, we can put forth MemberPress to build some online communities, CSS Hero for visual appearance creation, SeedProd to get more followers, LearnDash for creation of online courses, SEMRush with online marketing toolkits, LiveChat to integrate chat support, etc.


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