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WiFi: The Perfect Way To Invite Your Customers In

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In this growing digital age, not only the established businesses are turning to Wi-Fi services but also small businesses are providing free wireless access to tablets and Smartphones to gain profits from increased customers. As more and more people own Smartphones to browse their web, they are increasingly happy to accept a high speed free connection.

If you are one such entrepreneur, you will notice as you walk around the street that almost every business offers some types of promotion in the form of a special discount or sale for a specific group of consumers. As a smart merchant, you should not miss that opportunity to introduce free offerings that could generate significant return.

As you run your coffee shop you’ll always dream of making it larger. And as it grows, you’re driven by more desire and passion to succeed. But how do you plan to execute your dream? Well, how about offering free Wi-Fi in this age of Smartphone and tablets to retain the existing and attract the potential customers.


I am sure that with your one raised eyebrow you are actually thinking of the same, but not sure about how much you can get in return, right?  In that case, you will be surprised to see how much you can actually benefit from such an idea. Let’s check out the plan.

Do not hurry! Choose the best Wi-Fi plan:

If you are scared about the costs of installing a Wi-Fi hotspot, it is unnecessary. It does not involve the costs you are imagining. Talk to the service provider or check with the internet for different wireless packages and service to opt for the best one. Once you make a list of the options available, you can determine a plan that requires minimal investment.

What is that ‘EXTRA’ you are doing over your competitor:

In addition to price and quality, technologies nowadays are forcing businesses to rethink about differentiating themselves with others. So, how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors? Don’t you think free Wi-Fi can be a significant advantage over competitors? Indeed it is. But how, is the next probable question. Check whether the location of your shop is capable of providing a free Wi-Fi connection to your customers. Once you install Wi-Fi, do not forget to promote it for people to notice as they walk past your business.

Wi-Fi to provide customer data-grab them:

Every Wi-Fi network requires a registration process for new users. In order to complete the registration the new users have to supply basic details such as name, gender, date of birth, phone number and email address.  Of course the users have a choice to allow the business to use these details. This is valuable marketing data. With this customer data, you can connect with your customers personally. Most importantly, the best use can be for email marketing. You can also target your customers with special offers.

Are you meeting your customer expectation?

If you think making Wi-Fi available for your customer is the end of your task, then you are wrong. As said earlier, customers are accustomed to free Wi-Fi access, and it has created a level of expectation. Therefore, it is important to meet their expectations and allow them to stay connected to the online world. Hopefully then you can be assured of the increased percentage of “HAPPY COFFEE CUSTOMERS” for your shop.

Apart from the coffee, what else have you organised in your café?

Few people will enjoy coffee sitting alone. So what is that something which can completely change this? Of course, allowing customers to access the free Wi-Fi along with a cup of hot coffee. A survey shows that around 53% of people would be happy to sit alone in a café if they can avail of Wi-Fi. It actually removes the stigma of sitting alone and helps them connect with friends or continue with their important tasks.

Wi-Fi is an important business tool to provide additional service to your customers. The technology improves the overall efficiency by allowing employees to spend more time helping customers and less time handling the mundane work. Are you still thinking of installing Wi-Fi in your coffee shop? I am sure you don’t want to miss the opportunity to serve your customers in the best way possible.

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