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Why WordPress is Considered to Be Best For Start-Ups

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Creating an effective online presence is an important responsibility for any business, considering the gigantic internet audience, and this is more so for start-ups. If you are starting up with a business venture you must have thought of ways in which you can reach your target audience most effectively. You should remember that every now and then thousands of websites are launched and hence, it’s actually very difficult to get seen or heard. Therefore, it’s important to determine the type of back-end that you want to run for your website because this factor plays a very vital role in making the venture successful.

While there are plenty of custom-built content management systems available in the market, you need to select one according to your requirement and convenience. Studies show that out of all the other CMS platforms, WordPress happens to be

Assured code quality & regulations


Most of the WordPress themes that are available for use these days are designed by professional developers who have a fair knowledge of all the modern languages like JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. This ensures that business owners don’t need to depend on old-school programming. Moreover, the process of development can be directed as per your preference.This ensures that you will be able to add extra functionality and features according to your convenience.

Open source customization

One of the major attractions for WordPress is that it comes equipped with loads of plugins and themes. It’s true that every business is unique and hence, there should be an exclusive theme to make the true essence of the business reflected. WordPress has a vast storage of around 30,000 plugins and more than 3000 themes which are available for free. This enables the end users to design their website without hiring a developer.

Business-centric optimization

It’s known to all that content is the king of SEO and it’s important for any business to share the right amount of content at the right time. WordPress is a platform that helps you share content according to your convenience. This is ultimately beneficial for your business as the content is the most effective way to generate more leads, visitors clicks and eventually, money. WordPress is equipped with a visual rich text editor that allows users to format content with different features like hyperlink, bold, images and heading tags. The well-formatted content gets crawled by search engine spiders easily.

One page and multi-page websites

Usually, most of the start-ups focus on launching particular products or services and hence, they opt for single page website. Such websites can either be scrolled down or the entire content is presented within the single page. WordPress is an amazing platform that provides you with comprehensive single page websites. But what is even better is, WordPress also offers multi-purpose themes, which in turn, improve the functionalities drastically.

Notable marketing


Smart and innovative marketing can help your start-up survive the extreme odds and WordPress helps you continue with all the different forms of marketing.

  • Content marketing – Content marketing is probably the best way to reach your target customers and WordPress is simply built to ease out the blogging process.
  • Social media marketing – When it comes to social media marketing, you have to be remarkably active to stay ahead of your competitors and with useful social media plugins like Jetpack, WordPress enables you to stay on the top. Using these plugins, you can maintain a commenting platform and monitor the site stats.
  • Affiliate marketing – Quite interestingly, WordPress helps you with affiliate marketing as well. This is a method of marketing using which you can promote your offerings from any corner of the globe. This is also an effective way to grab the attention of new visitors towards other products that have higher profit margins. This will help you earn very high affiliate rates.

Email management


While launching a new product line or a range of services, email marketing is one of those major activities that you would be focusing on. When it comes to email management with efficiency, WordPress happens to be one of the first choices. The platform is equipped with multiple extensions and plugins that enable you to interact with your customers easily. For instance, the SumoMe extension allows custom email collection while the PopupAlly enables you to sell your services and products across all the pages of your website. Moreover, there are multiple framing and design options to choose from so that you can select a design that is in sync with your brand. This will also create a positive impact on your audience.

Multiple data handling


One of the major advantages for WordPress users is that they don’t need to worry about using different types of data. The architecture of WordPress supports different formats like media, comments, posts, and pages. Depending on your business domain, you can also create some custom post types and highlight the USPs of your offerings through testimonials and videos.

To sum up, WordPress is an all-encompassing CMS platform with which you can kick-start the online presence of your start-up. This is a platform which can be accessed and run smoothly even by someone who doesn’t have any kind of coding knowledge.

In order to create a properly functioning website through WordPress, you don’t have to depend upon any professional. No matter whether your start-up comes under the category of small-scale or it’s a large scale venture, you can edit, update or modify the content as and when required.

By devoting a little amount of time, you can explore the different advanced features of this CMS on your own, which in turn, will help you improve the quality of your solutions and services, thereby ensuring improved end-user experience.

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