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What In The World Is An Ultrabook?

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If you’re in the market to purchase a new laptop, you’ve probably heard of these fancy “ultrabooks.” But what is it that makes these laptops so special they deserve a different name? Back in 2011, Intel coined the term in an effort to introduce a laptop that is lighter and thinner than traditional laptops, without sacrificing power and ability. Now available in a wide array of models and sizes, these ultrabooks must fit within an exact size spectrum in order to be dubbed ultra.

Ultrabooks are meant to provide the user with a functional compromise between performance and portability – 

Ultrabook qualifications

Based on the standards set by Intel, a laptop with a display of 13.3-inches or smaller must be less than 0.7 inches thick, while those sporting a 14-inch or larger screen must be no more than 0.8 inches thick. This isn’t the case for convertible tablets, however, as they must be less than 0.9 inches thick to be considered ultra.

Aside from the thickness of the laptop, in order to be considered an ultrabook, the device must be powered by Intel processors that are energy-efficient and low-powered, while the device’s battery must last a minimum of five hours on a single charge. A laptop must also be able to come out of its sleep mode in less than eight seconds before it can be considered an ultrabook.


Most ultrabook models on today’s market feature an Intel integrated graphics card which will cover most laptop users’ needs, however, ultrabooks are not meant for computer gaming. Those looking for gaming computers will find the graphics to not be sufficient, as will those who are looking to render video footage. Though, most of the second generation ultrabooks on the market use the Intel Ivy Bridge processor, which makes these laptops extremely speedy in operation.

Interestingly enough, there are no requirements regarding storage, RAM, connectivity or output, so if you require certain ports (perhaps a VGA output), you may be hard pressed to find an ultrabook that meets your needs. Most of these additions are included at the manufacturer’s discretion, and thus, you will be best served speaking with representatives from different manufacturers to see which components will be featured by certain companies.

So, are they worth it?

If you’re looking for a device that combines design, portability and functionality, an ultrabook is an amazing option which you should seriously consider. If you’re a student, travel frequently, search the web for research purposes, and are a casual laptop user, purchasing an ultrabook is one of a select few options available that will fit your ever busy lifestyle. Though, if you’re amongst the computer users who demands superior graphics and do not care about your ability to bring your laptop with you wherever you go, you may be better served finding another option that can handle your graphics needs. However you choose to go about your next laptop purchase, ultrabooks are something you should definitely look into and research.

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