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The Best Search and Browser Tools for Your PC

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For Chrome

#1 Start Chrome With Your Favorite Websites

Modern browsers are smart – they let you choose whether to start fresh each time you open them, continue where you left off or open specific pages. Open Them is a new browser tool that lets you decide which websites open whenever you start up Chrome. “But wait,” we hear you cry, “doesn’t Chrome already let you do this?”. And, in the words of Sir Humphrey Appleby, we reply: “Yes. And no.”While Chrome does let you set specific pages, or collections of pages, by visiting chrome://settings/startup, Open Them adds a few more useful options. For one thing, you can force specific websites to open incognito mode, simply by toggling that option to On. You’re also able to determine what time these links will open – so, for instance, if you have sports pages on standby but don’t want to know the latest scores, you can stop those pages showing. 

#2 Skip Intros and Ads on Amazon Prime and Netflix

Billed as a solution for the super lazy user’, the AutoSkip Intro extension does away with adverts for new releases on both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, automatically skipping them. The tool also jumps past intros and end credits, so you can get on with watching shows without the tedium of having to click Skip yourself.

There’s only one bit of setup to carry out – once you’ve added the browser tool, you need to refresh the Netflix or prime Video page you’re on. This extension is especially ideal if you hook up your computer to the TV. 

#3 Open ‘Mail-To’ Links With Gmail

If you’re a hardcore Gmail user, clicking ‘mail-to’ links – the ones that open a desktop program such as Outlook so you can send an email – can be a pain. It’s often easier to click (or right-click)the link, then copy the email address from Outlook to paste into Gmail. Mailto, from developer CloudHQ, streamlines this process.

Instead of being directed to your default email client when you click a mail-to link, you’re taken to Gmailinstead, so you can start emailing without all the fact that mail-to links typically involve. To use another of your Gmail accounts, not just the default one, clickMailto’s toolbar button to add them. You can also choose whether mail-to links open in a new tab or window, and tweak the CC and BCC settings.

#4 Clean up Chrome More Easily

Clear Cache for Chrome makes clearing your browser data easier than ever. Click its toolbar button to see a list of items you can remove, from cache and cookies to plugins and passwords. Tick each item you want to clear, then turn your attention to the bottom of the screen where you can specify time ranges, which span from one minute to all-time (and everything in between, if you choose to edit the available times).

Finally, select ‘Cleardata’ to purge Chrome of unwanted data. In addition to clean-up options, there are keyboard shortcuts that help you clear Chrome more quickly– and these, too, can be customized.

For Firefox

#1 Customize Your Right-Click Menu

If you’ve ever felt your context menu –the one that pops up when you right-click – is a little lacking, iMenu lets you add some useful settings. Click the extension’s toolbar button and you can choose which extra options you’d like to add to your context menu. There are six settings, ranging from Close Tab to ‘Move to new window’ – just add a tick beside each setting you want (and leave the boxes blank for those you don’t), then close the window.

Now, any time you right-click in firefox, you’ll see a new ‘iMenu’ option at the bottom of the context menu – just hover over this to reveal your extra settings. Handy options such as ‘Close Left/Right Tabs’ make navigating Firefox faster and more convenient.

#2 Copy Google Search URLs in a Flash

Copy URLs Extension simplifies grabbing specific links from Google search results. There’s no setup required – you just head straight to Google and perform a search.

At the top of the page, you’ll see a Select All box and the option to ‘Copy to Clipboard’. 

If you only want individual links, rather than the whole page, scroll down the page and you’ll see that each search result has a tick box by it. Select the links you want and click ‘Copy to Clipboard’, from where you’ll be able to paste them into Notepad, a Word doc or your email. Using Select All won’t gather every single search result – just those on each page of results. The extension doesn’t work with other search engines, though. 

#3 Stop Slide-In Pop-Ups

Most browsers now feature built-in protection against annoying pop-ups that disrupt your browsing experience and slow down your computer. This has prompted some websites to resort to more nefarious ways to grab your attention, such as slide-in pop-ups that fly in from the side of the screen as you scroll down the page and see the text as “Click here!”, “Subscribe the newsletter!”, “Sign in!”. Fortunately, you can banish these annoyances with Kill It.

 To set it up, visit the add-ons information page by clicking its toolbar button, then selecting Help, where you’ll find all the information you need to eliminate slide-in pop-ups for good. 

For Opera

#1 Add a Better Download Manager

Compared to rival browsers, Opera’s built-in download manager is, by far, the worst. The add-on Popup Download Manager doesn’t replace Opera’s existing download manager but serves as a more functional addition. When you’re downloading something from the web, click its toolbar button and you’ll see all downloads, alongside a search bar and the option to clear the downloads history and save the list. Right-click any download for more options, such as opening or copying the file, or deleting it from your hard drive.

#2 Immerse Yourself in YouTube

YouTube Ambilight is an Opera add-on that applies the content of the video player to the whole browser window, to provide a more immersive viewing experience. You need to play around with the settings to get the effect just right, so start by playing any YouTube video and click the cog icon to customize the Ambilight settings – adding blurs and fades around the edges of your videos, and altering the direction of the Ambilight effect. Scroll deeper into the settings to tweak gamma settings and shadows, and add details such as framerates to videos.

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