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9 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

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Has your website’s performance tanked? You could see a major percentage decline in your website readership?

When was the last time you had your website redesigned by a professional website design services team?

A.) Never?

B.) It’s been a decade?

Do you know websites that create 16 new pages of content per month get 3 times more website traffic than those who don’t move their website layout or pages to an inch? 

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Having just a website designed by custom web design services providers is far from enough. Your website’s visitors’ demographics, brand visions, web technologies, and everything else in conjunction with them evolves. As a business, your website can’t serve dated knowledge and elements to users when your competitors are cutting them a slack of newly introduced designs, customers’ experience.

Wondering “why redesign a website?” or more specifically “why redesign your website?” – Website redesigning is crucial for every business website because it:

  • Migrates your website on new web technologies
  • Reduces your cost of customer acquisition
  • Makes your website great friends with search engines
  • It enhances your website overall appeal, navigation and checkout process
  • Increases your conversion cycle and gets you more leads & sales
  • Unfolds your brand’s awareness
  • And everything else you need to get that powerful ROI

If you think your website is perfect and you don’t need to redesign your website, let’s have a stroll towards your “old-built” or “updated a decade back” website and let you decide whether it’s time to revamp your website or not – by citing just 9 alarming signals.

9 Great Signs Explaining It’s Time to Redesign Your Website Now!

  1. Your website shows huge bounce rates
  2. Your website loads at a speed of a snail
  3. You are not on top search engine result pages
  4. Real conversions are not happening
  5. The content looks dated because you can’t update it
  6. Customers say your website design is old and don’t offer seamless navigation
  7. Security alerts! Customers are scared to share their basic information
  8. People can’t view your website on their mobile phones
  9. The design is not as exceptional as your competitors

Your Website Shows Huge Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is the percentage that defines the number of visitors escaping out the website session – without giving it a major headstart.

As a general thumb rule, a 26-40% bounce rate is nothing to worry about, but if you are seeing a major uplift in the bounce rate curve and it’s crossing 70% – you have something to worry about.

redesign your website

An increasing bounce rate shows that:

  • Your audience couldn’t get through the website’s elements because of its poor loading speed.
  • The website design/theme looked too bland to use.
  • Or the information on the searched keyword they looked for wasn’t matching.

If despite launching the powerful marketing campaigns all you can see –

  • People clicking on ads
  • Visiting the website
  • But running away from it constantly – this is clear – your website design is at fault and you need to have your website redesigned before your competitor holds your users’ attention.

Your Website Loads at Speed of a Snail

Is your website testing your user’s patience (by taking a few thousand years to load)? Well if it does – doesn’t sound like a great thing. Slow websites lead to faster aversion of visitors. Nobody wants to wait there until your website takes all it’s time to load, not even your loyal customers after a point.

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A slow website:

  • Prompts search engines to not crawl and rank your website.
  • Makes users sway back to other competitive brands (increases bounce rates).
  • Makes you appear like a brand who isn’t conscious of its user’s valuable time (poor brand awareness).

By having your website redesigned with lightweight & minimal designs and elements, you can save the condition before it gets worse. You can save your customers from flying away, save your reputation from tarnishing, and maintain your image in search engine’s good books for ranking.

You Are Not on Top Search Engine Result Pages

You have tried every possible SEO effort, but can’t see the website hitting the top searches, you feel your website has stuck. Can’t blame it enough on SEO, it must be your website having difficulty complimenting the search engine’s algorithms. Your poor rankings could be due to:

  • Your website has elements that are too heavy to load that slows your website’s overall loading speed. Google ranks only a fast loading website.
  • The web design & content hierarchy is puzzled and has no interconnection between the internal pages – which makes it difficult for web crawlers to crawl your website for indexing.
  • Your website is not mobile responsive, Google ranks a website based on its mobile-first designs only.
  • Having poor navigation, Google takes into account the website’s seamless navigation experience too for ranking.

When you feel it’s hard to gain the top rankings or even maintain the present rankings, you need to consider having your website redesigned with professional custom web design services providers.

Real Conversions Are Not Happening

conversion rate optimization

You feel the internal conversions or ultimate sales conversions are decreasing. It could be either due to your

  • CTA buttons missing or their alignment is poor in the web pages (feels like people don’t know where to click).
  • Your landing pages don’t offer the value that your PPC ads guaranteed.
  • The design and site’s usability is poor and users can’t keep just momentum with it.

There you need a custom web design services team that could help you revamp your website with unified, attractive, and compelling landing pages with proper placements of CTAs – so that users couldn’t resist clicking your call to action button and reach closer to or at the sales cycle end.

The Content Looks Dated Because You Can’t Update It

Do you have a vintage website where changing the content looks like a tough deal, as every time you think of adding updated or new content – you look for webmasters – who could go through the wall of codes and update the content for you. A website that doesn’t care to update its content can:

  • Lose its major readership
  • Get difficulty in coping up with the audience’s modern requirements
  • Look like a website’s that’s obsolete and isn’t in operations
  • Lose a massive percentage of audience in the hands of competitors who are up-to-date with their content

CMS websites are the new trendsetters as they make website content updating easier and faster as blinking an eye. By considering website redesigning, you can’t get hands-on unified, easy to operate, and effortless CMS website – where you can update the content timely without webmasters.

cms websites

Customers Say Your Website Design Is Old and Doesn’t Offer Seamless Navigation

Do you feel your website’s navigation is too complex?

  • It’s hard to find connectivity between the pages
  • The CTAs are not located where it should be or are missing entirely
  • People don’t know where to go next
  • They can’t get past the checkout process

All these signs indicate your website is old-built designed and doesn’t offer usability and utility to your modern users. Thus, you need to consider a major revamp by consulting the end-to-end website design services providers who could help you get past your conventional design with too-difficult-to-handle navigation.

Security Alerts! Customers Are Scared to Share Their Basic Information

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Your contact or business forms going halfway filled, people are afraid to fill in their OTP while in the middle of the purchase cycle, or while having a conversation with the audience, they say it’s hard to trust your site for shopping or subscribing to your mailbox. All these make it evident to the fact that your website doesn’t comply with the robust security measures.

Also, if these are not even in the concerns, every website after it’s build requires some updates to new security patches or measures – as old websites have high chances of becoming suspect of breaches.

By consulting a website design services provider you can migrate or update your website on standard security measures & practices and show your audience that it is safe to Interact & transact.

People Can’t View Your Website on Their Mobile Phones

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Imagine your loyal customer Susan visited your website on her desktop and recommended your website to her friend Irene, who accessed the website on her smartphone – but what she saw was hilarious, she encounters a website with ant size texts – where she had to excessively zoom in to read your web content (don’t blame her phone, it’s your website).

By not having a mobile-first website design, you are:

  • Putting most of the potential customers away as almost 3 billion users are smartphone users.
  • Declining rankings as Search engines rank a website based on the website’s mobile-first approach.

Having a mobile-friendly designed website will take your business a long way. Have a website redesigned with a mobile-first design approach via a professional and renowned website design services team – to outdo your competitors in the rankings game and attract the audience with ease.

The Design Is Not as Exceptional as My Competitors

You need website redesign via custom web design services provider when:

  • You feel your web design is way too basic or old-fashioned in comparison with competitors.
  • You feel they are going the extra mile to win the hearts of your audience.
  • You feel competitors are having an easy time attracting the desired rankings, traffic, loyal customer base, high yielding revenue by updating their web design every 2-3 years.

Final Thoughts 

The above guide was to make you understand “why redesign a website?”, more especially “why redesign your website?”. And what are the 9 strong signals pointing to the need to have website redesign? If you encounter some or all of these signals on your website – don’t fret, you can bypass these ill signals by considering a search engine & target users centric website redesign from scratch.

Hire the help of a sound website design services team today to have a responsive, intuitive, and easy to navigate website redesigned by tomorrow.

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