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Font Tips, Make The Right Choice

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Web Design

When choosing a web page design, it’s not at all necessary to focus on your talents, you can use ready-made layouts. There are a great many layouts and they are easy to pick up according to the criteria you need. An important role in printing is the length of the text, if the page is not adjusted to the desired length, the reader will pass by. Layouts are designed specifically for long and short texts. They hide a lot of tips, both for the creator and for the reader.

Font Styles

choose the right font

Fonts with styles are best suited for headings and the top of the page. They are designed specifically for such purposes, no one uses calligraphic fonts to design a whole page. If you want to use a regular boring font in the page header, this is most often a bad decision. They are not designed for large sizes, they look great in a long text, they are easy to read. There are also different fonts for long titles and short ones. You can easily google it.

If your text is medium long, conditionally 3-4 paragraphs – here you can experiment. Without unnecessary styles, picking up a serif font is real. Fonts giving old times fit well into similar paragraphs, they are easy to read and have their own style.

When working with long texts, that is, five paragraphs or more, it is recommended to sans serif fonts download. These are the most popular fonts in the world. And there is a reason for this, people do not like excessive troubles, and elegance hides in simplicity.

What font size do you need?

When choosing web fonts, you never have a single task; you need to weigh a bunch of factors at the same time. One of these factors is the font size. Although it is important to know the size of the text, it is equally important to understand how large the text will be written. With small sizes, sans-serif fonts work better, which is logical. No need to spray your attention on the already small print. Serif fonts tend to be higher, so making them small looks out of place.

When choosing a font to simplify your task, you do not need to consider each character. There is a list of characters that designers are guided by. Pay special attention to the symbols A and G, as one old designer used to say, these symbols should be aggressive and attract attention, but at the same time remain extremely legible. When choosing a medium-sized font, such as for subtitles and the beginning of a paragraph, you can look at sans-serif fonts. For example, fonts in geometric style look good. Avoid polar fonts that are too thick or too thin. First of all, the font should be easy to read – do not forget about it. Try to choose a font without undue contrast.


Fonts that are used in headings are also called “display fonts,” as a rule, they have very small and beautiful details. In the small size, these details are a hindrance, interfere with reading the text. But when you make this font large, the details appear and attract a lot of attention. Also, try not to forget that the font should correspond to the emotions that you describe in the text.

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