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Best Solutions for Large/Long Video Editing

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The video industry has witnessed an unprecedented booming than ever before since the short video steps into social platforms and is welcomed by the netizens. People prefer to capture scenes with their mobile phones as it is more convenient to shoot a video with their lightweight portable machine. It is effective to make quick edits on your mobile phones with some mobile applications to make your videos look dope. However, you may need to turn to desktop software for help provided you want to handle some large-sized videos with long video lengths.

Why Use Desktop Software to Edit Large Long Videos

Mobile applications made for mobile-based devices are easy to get access to in the App Store. Despite the fact that they are equipped with editing features and can be utilized offline, it doesn’t mean that those apps can satisfy all your editing needs to the maximum extent. Short video editing and processing can be accomplished in those apps without doubt, but when it comes to edit large size or long length videos they may dishearten you.

There are some inherent disadvantages of those mobile-based applications when to process large/long videos. Unluckily, you may be rejected to import videos excessive to the size limitation. Worse than that, when you upload videos with long duration, they may easily get stuck in the middle of processing. The CPU of your mobile phone is in a high demanding when you process long-length footage in the mobile application, which accounts for the stuck issue.

On the contrary, it won’t be difficult for you to process your video on PC as there is a collection of free video editing software that can meet your editing needs. Some are for novices to make quick edits, and others are best for professional users with various special requirements to make fine edits. If you don’t know which one is your best bet, check out this in-depth review of free video editing software to make a safe pick.

Best Video Editing Software for Processing Large Long Videos

Normally, most people tend to agree that CPU has done all the work in computing so that GPU doesn’t need to play its role for most times. However, it isn’t always the case. Although easily being overlooked by the majority, graphic processing unit, aka GPU, does play an important role in video editing.

When handling some large-size videos or long-length videos with video editing software, we need to first take GPU acceleration into consideration. In the process of video editing, GPU acceleration will assist CPU to facilitate processing-intensive tasks, thus will guarantee you a happy editing journey and keep you away from those devastating crash issues such as stuck, freeze, audio/video out-of-sync, etc.. Therefore, a piece of video editing software built with GPU Acceleration Technology will be your best bet to edit and process your large-sized or long-length videos.

VideoProc, a piece of one-stop video processing software, is the flagship product developed and owned by Digiarty Inc., which provides a series of best video editing services for both Windows and Mac users and it is fully empowered by Level-3 hardware acceleration that is boosted for 3 mainstream graphic card processors: Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA, which ensures the eminent ability in hardware acceleration. It is worth mentioning that when you fire VideoProc up on your Windows or Mac computers, it will scan and detect your hardware information automatically then pick up the most powerful graphic processing unit to be fueled up for different encoding, processing, and decoding tasks.

Warm note: No matter if you have a high-spec computer or have a bit of a slow machine, VideoProc can do its best to fuel the whole video processing process.

Unique Features of VideoProc in Editing Large Long Videos

As is known to you, the built-in GPU acceleration tool of VideoProc boosts the whole video processing, so it won’t be CPU demanding when using it to process those large or long videos, which ensures you a smooth video editing just like plain sailing. In the following, we highlight features of VideoProc on how it benefits in editing your large long videos in three aspects.

  • Massive customization video editing features to be chosen from

There are a crowd of unique video editing features in VideoProc for you to pick up, and you can easily catch the right one in its intuitive modular boxes. Basic editing features like cut & merge, rotate & flip, crop & change aspect ratio, and many more customization features are waiting for you to explore.

To better edit your long-length videos, you may need to cut/trim the whole video to the desired length in some special occasions. No matter what you require for: to cut the desired parts from it or to chop away unwanted parts first then stitch the rest together, VideoProc can fulfill your needs with no excuses. In the Trim tab, you can drag the two green playheads to specify the start and end point of the video to exert the desired part you select. In its Cut feature tab, you can cut as many clips as you like then customize the duration by second to its finest degree, and reorder those clips to create new content.

Warm note: In VideoProc, those clips you cut from the original video will be merged into a new one automatically, so you don’t need to break a sweat on that work.

  • Large-sized videos converted into small size ones with high resolution

A variety of media format conversions with diversified files types are supported to be exported in VideoProc. Video upscale from low-resolution up to 4K UHD video is available.

To process your large-sized videos, you can refine its size in VideoProc effortlessly. With VideoProc convert feature, you can convert your video file to the one you desire in one-click. By converting the previous video format of your video into another format, you may get the original video contained in another file type, but smaller in the file size. Meanwhile, you may upscale your low-res videos to higher resolution ones, and render a copy of the original video with smaller size but better resolution.

Warm note: There are more than 370 import file types and over 420 output file types in VideoProc file archive, both lossy and lossless container formats are free to be chosen.

  • Rapid edit and process large/long videos without any quality loss

When a video is converted into another format, the original file type will be decoded first before it’ll be re-encoded into another container format. The whole process of decoding, encoding, and re-encoding is both time-consuming and CPU intensive. To serve the best solution to the problem, VideoProc develops an auto copy tool to boost the conversion. With its auto copy tool, neither the video nor the audio file will follow the decode then re-encode process as your source file has been duplicated in VideoProc when you process your large/long videos, which is to retain you the 1:1 quality with a rapid speed in processing. Moreover, the auto copy module is designed to cope with GPU acceleration thus speeding up your video processing to the fastest extent you’ve ever experienced.

Warm note: Remember to check the Auto Copy option inside VideoProc Hardware Acceleration Engine box to initiate the magic tool.

Final Thoughts

From what has been mentioned above, we can safely conclude that with its massive video editing features, powerful GPU acceleration, and practical auto copy tool, VideoProc is your best solution to edit and process large long videos. Better yet, this versatile video editing software is your best pick for editing and processing a 4K video.

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