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7 Best Educational Video Platforms for Universities, Colleges, and Schools

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As per Cisco, 77% of colleges offer online courses. Needless to say, teachers are finding that the value in video content has increased every year since 2007. If you are waiting for the right time to start an online education video platform, this is the time!

Benefits of Educational Video Platform

Here is why you need to build a platform for your educational content.

1. Content Management

Upload, store and manage your videos through a consolidated dashboard that gives you a granular view of the content pipeline. CMS enables your users to stay engaged on the video platform by personalizing content based on deep learning and collaborative filtering techniques.

2. Communication

Facilitate communication and participation in live discussions and forums with peers and trainers. Live interaction with students increases comprehension and retention of lessons taken. The user can find all the vital information in a single screen enabling a streamlined user experience free from distraction.

3. Multiple Stakeholders

There are multiple stakeholders for academic and corporate learning. By building video platforms for education, they can assess, monitor and track individual and group progress. Automating administrative work increases the efficiency on the platform and ensures the accessibility of information.

4. Interactive Learning Tools

Online education is far from the digitized learning material. The best online courses comprise of learning tools built around the concept of gamification to actively engage the students and faculty. Lectures transform into intellectually stimulating discussions where trainers and learners become partners in the journey of acquiring knowledge.

5. Personalization

An online education platform allows every organization to fully personalize the platform and viewing experience. The brand can be incorporated and different features can be tailored to their vision. With multi-lingual functionalities, your platform could be a global education streaming solution.

List of Education VOD Platforms:

Building your own educational video streaming services from scratch can be tedious not to mention the long duration you might end up taking to launch it. We have compiled a list of top 7 video platforms for education. So here ends your search for the best eLearning video platform.

1. Vplayed

Vplayed is a fully customizable platform enabled by superlative transcoding, playback, and marketing capabilities to deliver the ultimate user experience. Adaptive bitrate streaming technology combined with HLS player ensure fast and uninterrupted playback experience. Classes can be live-streamed or provided as on-demand videos through lecture capture over your own eLearning video platform. Engage students with flipped classroom and one-to-one tutoring.

Upload, organize and manage videos in the content library that supports bulk uploads and unlimited storage. Courses are made discoverable through marketing tools like recommendation engines, social media integration, and metadata management. Monetization is available in flexible models – SVOD, TVOD, AVOD or a combination of them all.

2. Kaltura

Kaltura is a large video management platform aimed at large institutions. The lecture capture system is available as a web-based app, Windows software, or mobile device app. One-touch recording and event schedule make for easy or hands-off lecture capture enabling interactivity and personalized paths. The built-in video message recording and delivery system is a great tool for reaching out to prospective students and building relationships with alumni.

The security features offered include DRM, encryption, and access control tools. Video monetization tools are available with a variety of options.

3. Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay is a white-label platform ideally suited for small to mid-range businesses. Brand your video streaming solutions for education by customizing the player, storage, marketing and security functionalities. The scalable platform can be deployed on different platforms such as Android, iOS and Web applications. Features like auto-archiving, course suggestion and closed captioning enhance video discoverability. By preventing screen capture and unauthorized redistribution, your content can even be securely streamed while offline.

Monetization is flexible on Contus Vplay with models like SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD.

4. Panopto

Panopto is a white-label video platform ideal for universities and other large institutions and has dedicated software for lecture capture and video search. Users can integrate with existing authentication systems.

But the Panopto platform does not have video monetization features. The security features are also limited to enabling content privacy.

5. Echo360

Echo360 specializes in video recording, live streaming, and content management. The instructor dashboard gives teachers granular insight into course attendance, video and PowerPoint presentation views, notetaking frequency, and activity completion. Tools for promoting student engagement and active learning like polls and live chats test the pupils’ grasp of the content. Students can virtually raise their hands to clarify a doubt in real-time, take digital notes and bookmark parts of the lecture. But monetization of your content is not possible on Echo360.

6. Zype

Zype is a platform that is ideal for product managers and engineering leaders at media and entertainment companies, enterprises, and high growth video-focused startups. It is not a white-labeled platform and does not support business branding. Apart from security functionalities, region-based policies allow or deny video playback in different geographies. Monetization is supported by plans like SVOD, AVOD, or TVOD.

7. Dacast

Embedded with Akamai CDN for 24/7 streaming for multi-device compatibility DaCast suits small educators and major institutions. Security features include password protection, IP address, and geographic restrictions. Video monetization via pay-per-view, subscriptions, and/or advertising is supported on all Premium plans and above. These plans also include access to a RESTful API. Even better, every plan on DaCast is fully white-label.

Final Words

In a DIY culture, nothing seems impossible to build. But when it comes to technology, it always pays to trust the experts. Taking informed decisions and investing in the right place is the base of a fail-proof business model. With a niche like education, interruptions or unsatisfactory payment models and gateways can cost you valuable time, resources and reputation.

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