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Understanding Why You Need To Develop Your App

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Ideas can be innovative and amazing, oftentimes it’s the implementation that really matters though. The games that have really stayed on to the top spot in Play Stores have been as much as a result of hard work as that of an innovative idea implemented well. If you’re looking to develop an app, the fundamental question to ask is this – why?

If you’re clear of what you need, you would just be able to develop the app better and be clear of the requirements. From user interface to what features the app needs to have, everything is a consideration. Developing apps for businesses means that you need to target two focus keywords –productivity and time management. Business apps speak of these two keywords all the time, and it all boils down to how easily businesses can adapt to your app.

The beginning

So you are developing an app for a business. The first step is to find a suitable app developer. Second step is to make him understand what your exact requirements are. Here are 15 questions which should take care of all confusion.

#1. What type of App do you want?

There are no such clear demarcations but apps can be of various types with differences in coding and design

#2. What kind of interface should that app have?

The kind of app and target clientele will determine the kind of interface you will have. It could be stock standard or out-of-the-box or Brand match.

#3. Do you need a login system for your app or will it be open to all?

A login system is required in case the users will be sharing personal information which might be sensitive to them. In case there isn’t such an option then there is no need for a login system

#4. Will there be individual user profiles?

A login system usually comes with a individual profile. A profile is required if you want your users to interact amongst each other.

#5. Do you need to keep the option of sharing across social networking platforms?

If you want users to share their experience on Facebook or Whatsapp then you need to keep such options open.

#6. Should there be provision for users to add photos and videos?

These are costly features and be doubly sure before saying yes to this. Understand what your budget is, it might not really be worthwhile if you have a low budget and one of the features is essential to the running of the app.

#7. Are push notifications required?

In case they are required, they are of three types:

  • Rich HTML notifications,
  • Scheduled/Trigger notifications,
  • Hard Coded Push notifications.

You can do well to have one of them, but understand which one suits you the best.

#8. Will there be any in-app purchases requiring in-app payment options?

They can be executed by native mechanisms or third party payment getaway. You need to have a gateway installed within the app itself.

#9. Is there a need to sync the app data across devices?

This refers to file transfer mechanisms across devices.

#10. Will there be a user review system?

If you’re launching your app on the app store, then there is a review system and a harsh one at that – it doesn’t take long to get some scathing reviews if you launch an app that’s full of bugs.

#11. Will there be a website integrated to the app?

You need to decide on this one. Unless you are promoting a website, it doesn’t make sense to have one of these.

#12. How will you control the content of the app? An admin portal?

Ask your developer how you plan to do this – it’s important to keep the content updated regularly.

#13. What will be the custom icon for your app?

You need to consult a designer on the custom icon for your app or come up with one yourself.

#14. What is the status of your project and when do you plan to start working on it?

Set deadlines and follow time frames otherwise a year can pass through easily.

#15. What is your budget?

This refers to the budget you have in mind for the app development.

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