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Top Emerging Technologies That Marketers Need To Adopt

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Digital Universe is expanding and how!

Each day marks a new entry in the burgeoning list of technologies that augment and innovate the way we interact with information. This rising digital consumption brings with it, untapped opportunities for a digital marketer to reach clients.

We have compiled a list of three emerging opportunities that cannot be ignored anymore.

#1 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a two-pronged tool to automate and augment your sales and boost lead conversion. AI has come a long way since its conception, today AI can predict sales, keep track of leads, provide customized customer experience and perform innumerable other tasks. AI is a two-pronged tool to automate and augment your sales and boost lead conversion.

Below are two avenues of AI that can drastically improve your marketing readiness.

  • Personalized Content

The rise of big data has enabled marketers to deliver the right content at the right time at far less cost. AI can keep track of customer data to deliver highly refined content to the right target audience.

It can also tap into consumer data like buying history, social media profiles, and past searches to deliver results even when the search query is vague, leading to higher conversion rates.

Searching for that red thing with that green thing on the top at 2 AM?

I am sure AI can help you out.

  • Accurate Sales Forecasting

A lot of key business decisions like resource allocation and revenue forecasting hinges on accurate predictions of sales. Sales forecasting is labor-intensive and taxing for a single team since taking care of minute nuances and details is very critical. AI can bring in a lot of computational power to successfully tackle this problem.

With insights backed by a high volume of data, computing dependencies and inter-relations of products, scenarios, or any custom-defined parameters. Allowing you to make an informed decision while simultaneously freeing talented individuals to perform other critical tasks.

#2 Web Real-Time Communication

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an open-sourced tool that allows browsers that use it to form real-time connections with the websites they visit.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you can send voice-only messages within your browser with just a bit of code, NO added physical or virtual infrastructure required!

Below are just two of many possible use of this tech.

WebRTC is open source and being adopted by all the leading browsers opens great opportunities for entrepreneurs.

WebRTC is lightweight resource-friendly tool for communication. With easy to access video communication, support services can enrich customer experience without spending a huge chunk of resources. Ability to record remotely and livestream adds to versatility in its potential applications for communications.

In non-geeky words, it means that you now can enhance all your online touchpoints for your business.

  • Unparalleled compatibility

WebRTC is independent of device and platform. This makes it compatible with nearly all the tools online.

  • Open Source

Well, not precisely open-source, it is governed by Google and available free for commercial use. This means more literature and a healthy chunk of volunteers working to improve it!

Most of the APIs are getting standardized, which means more streamlined development.

  • Easy Adoption

WebRTC can easily be integrated with most communication or VOIP services in use today. This makes it very easy to adopt and reduces the adoption cost for any business that wants to upgrade its communication channels.

  • Advanced Video Quality

Businesses can utilize the fantastic quality of the video to communicate with a tap. How companies adopt this feature and innovate remains to be seen. Whatever it is, it will be groundbreaking and completely change the way businesses interact online.

  • Secure

WebRTC uses Secure RTP protocol to encrypt data. It secures and authenticates data end to end, preventing eavesdroppers from snooping around. These features are inbuilt and always on too.

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#2 Voice assistant

Voice assistants have grown tremendously in the last few years, voice assistants have grown more humane and some have even passed the Turing’s test!

Below are three leading reasons why you should consider voice assistant as an emerging marketing channel.

  • Brand Visibility

Voice Search, be it on a dedicated voice assistant product or on everyday-use PCs and mobile phones, is growing exponentially. Alpine.ai estimates 1 billion voice searches take place each month and this number is expected to rise.

Having a marketing strategy that caters to this growing trend will elevate your brand and help get a leg up on the competition.

  • Higher Lead Conversion

Most voice assistant users are actively looking for services, products or information, which they already are convinced about the benefits.

Only a little push is required to convert this leads into clients, an estimated 67% of users admit that they will follow through with the results.

Working out a strategy that taps into this will help out capture burning leads before they move to your competitor.

  • Engage User

Most users view their voice assistant as a friend and they attach high value to its recommendations. Working alongside voice assistants may help engage clients in an empathic connection that is more organic.

Using the voice assistant to deliver the message is like asking person’s best friend to pass on the message!

Highly empathetic and more happily received.

  • Extreme Convenience

Having a voice assistant search presence allows you to reduce the steps customer has to make to reach your brand.

With retail moving towards extreme convenience to the buyer, being very far from your client or being an inconvenient option can do more damage to your sales than a bull in a china shop.

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These are just a few ways where augmenting intelligent emerging technologies can help your marketing efforts. Like every different marketing channel that shows a sliver of results, these opportunities are bound to get saturated fast, so hop on!

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