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POS System for Bar & Grill Restaurant 101

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Having a bar or restaurant of your own in your dream city is something you should cherish. But, managing that should be done appropriately to ensure a long and prosperous run of the same. Management of a bar and grill restaurant is not something that a normal human can do. But as the business and finances increase, it becomes all the more difficult to handle the work manually. To tackle these problems and provide you with better tools. To maintain your business, there exists a Point of Sale systems in the market. So, coming back, this blog is to help you understand how to choose the best POS System for Bar & Grill Restaurant. We are going to provide you with a guide set of features that you need to know to compare the options. These will help you find the best fit for your business.

Some of the best features you should look while choosing a POS System For Bar & Grill Restaurant are:

Bar-Side Services

Bar-side is the best place to be at a Restro-Bar because of the two most popular reasons. First for the feel and second for the services. The bar counter always provides the best in-house service at the time of serving cocktails and other drinks. But, this can also be true in terms of the financial services as there are POS System for Bar and Grill Restaurant you can use there. These tools and features provide you with the option to provide facilities like self-service kiosks, drink customization, order info and on-the-table feature at once.
Be it a normal restaurant or a drink serving place, you can use the point of sale app anywhere you wish. There are technologies like MPOS and POS Apps that enable you to provide any service anywhere.


Bars are commonly known for their level of customization, be it the drinks or food. So, why not the POS System for Bar & Grill Restaurant. It is also a personal preference of any customer to order different items so it has to be reflected on the main bill as well. Several chains like Mcdonalds and KFC already use this feature to customize the items in specific product and charge the customer according to the same.
So, this feature could help you give freedom to your customers to customize the drinks easily and could help you provide them with the bill accordingly.

Offline Support

Offline support is a must-have feature in today’s POS System for Bar & Grill Restaurant. There are times when no internet coverage can be found across your store. It may be due to various factors but the work should not suffer because of that reason. If your work is indeed your first priority then this feature is made exclusively for you. The offline data and control in your system allow you to perform transactions, store data and generate reports without internet access.
All the data from these transactions are stored in an offline drive which schedules the uploading of all the data on merchant provider’s servers when the internet comes back. You can also access and edit this data before the same as you have done on the internet presence.

Split Check

Splitting the bill is nothing new in the market. It is a trend going on for a long time be it a casual dine-in with friends or a date. But this feature is slowly coming into the POS System for Bar & Grill Restaurant. A customer can split the bill according to the portion he or she ate and then the partial payment can be done via any payment method such as card, wallet, UPI or cash.
This feature also helps you to get maximum data on your customers as well. It then helps in the promotion and marketing campaigns, helping you to give the best deals to your regular and group customers.

Easy Menu Management

For any Bar & Grill Restaurant, the menu plays a huge role in luring the customers in ordering the best dishes of the house. But having a good menu and exotic dishes are not the only things you need to get your restaurant on top. You need to work on accessibility as well. A more accessible menu is that you can interact with yourself. There are a lot of POS systems that are now constantly upgrading their list of features and this is one of the newer additions in the list.
A better POS system for Bar & Grill Restaurant provides a menu service as well. This digital menu can easily be brought to the table via a simple tablet. A customer can order himself or could give the order to the waiter, but nevertheless it goes through the system servers which calculate the exact amount and put it in your tab.

MPOS Hardware and App

POS hardware comes in all shapes and sizes, but the most important one for a bar and grill restaurant is the Mobile POS (MPOS). A mobile pos hardware enables you to carry your payment devices to any place. So, in case you have a terrace dining option in your restaurant cum bar or an open sitting grill place, then it will be a system of your choice.
Other than that, it also provides you with a compatible mobile application to track the payments, sales, and purchases in one place.

Bar Inventory Management

Inventory management is an important aspect of any blooming organization but it matters the most in culinary businesses. Bar and Grill Restaurants need special care of items and inventory as they often deal with items that get expired more easily. Because of this issue, you have to maintain strict records of all your sales, purchases and in-house stocks. One cannot just be assured if these records are man-made, as a simple error can cause a large blunder.
To tackle the same, POS systems provide an in-built tool with inventory management functionalities. There you can easily enter your items and product details, edit them and track them with equal ease. The managing options also provide you with different filters and sorting options.

Pay At Table

This is one of the most important features of modern-day payment systems. The reason is simple, you need the best services for your customers. What better service is there to provide than this. In this feature, you can enable your bar-cum-restaurant to take payments from your customers. That too without having any queues at the counter. It is perhaps the best feature among the list as it benefits both your restaurant as well as your customers equally.
Also, with this feature, you can customize other variables. These can be multiple modes of payment acceptance (UPI, cards, wallets, etc.), tip suggestions and e-receipts. So, overall it gives you a nice cushion to comfort your clients while getting your payment en route.

The Verdict

Having these features in your Point of Sale system will benefit your business more and more. The main aim of this article is to encourage you to choose the Best Restaurant POS System for Bar & Grill available in the market. And after reading it thoroughly, you can now compare and choose whatever option you have. Just understand the final statement that your changes are necessary. These changes in your existing point of sale system will help you bring new customers on-board.
There are many more things than these in a Restaurant Point of Sale Software but these are some of the essentials. So, be sure to have then in your chosen merchant provider.

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