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Easy Migration to Outlook

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You may find Incredimail entertaining, but all those emoticons and animations are hardly relevant for professional communication. Thunderbird, on the other hand, is desktop-based and does not guarantee security. In many cases, making a move to Outlook for professional e-correspondence is only logical.

Today, there is an abundance of mail clients, both desktop and mobile. Some are free, some are paid, but none compare to Outlook in terms of business functionality. For comprehensive guides and best tools from, click here. Transfer to Outlook requires file conversion, which is best performed via special utilities.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

Drawbacks of Manual Methods

What complicates mail transformation is the clash of formats. Different email clients save messages in files with very specific extensions, such as EML for Thunderbird, or DBX for the now discontinued Outlook Express. Manual conversion is usually either impossible or dangerous due to the threat of data loss.

On the Internet, you will easily find guides with multiple steps that do not guarantee success. Not only will you spend significant amounts of time, but you may also need to comprehend IT jargon to understand what you are doing. Finally, some bits of your data may be lost or damaged, which renders the whole process harmful.

Example: Thunderbird to Outlook

When done manually, the transformation involves many steps to turn MBOx into EML and then to PST required by Outlook. However, neither of the clients is equipped with built-in export tools for such a purpose.

You could try transfer by drag-and-drop, or through the even lengthier IMAP method, involving Gmail. The former method is incompatible with the latest version of Outlook. None of the ways guarantee that your messages will stay intact. 

Professional Tools

Installing specialized software is the most reasonable approach. When email migration is being undertaken, this means that the messages that move have important content. The tools that were devised specially for the purpose of transformation ensure safety and accuracy. Today, there are programs tailored to email import from most clients, from Windows Live Mail to Mac Mail.

professional tools

1. Quick results

When you delegate the process to a professionally developed tool, you will be a few clicks away from the desired outcome. Instead of going through all the manual stages and searching for source files with no guaranteed success, sit back and let the utility do the tedious job.

2. Accuracy and reliability

No manual guide ensures perfect conversion due to the drastic format differences. In many cases, you simply hit a dead end without a converter. Transfer tools ensure a smooth transition with minimal probability of any errors.

3. Clear UI

You will find the interface intuitive and easy to understand. Even beginners can cope with the transfer when there is an automated tool to help them.

4. Data protection

If you rely on third-party services for your transfer, you could be worried about leaks, which are quite possible. However, if you purchase a tool that is launched by you on your own machine, there is no danger.

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