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5 Reasons To Consider Moving Your Service Off Ektron

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The fact that Ektron was acquired by Accel-KKR in 2015 is really no secret to anyone in the business and marketing world. Plus, the decision of the company to select another CMS platform like Episerver made one thing clear – there will be no additional generations of the Ektron Platform. Even since the rise of more and more CMS platforms, it has become more difficult for amateurs to figure out which of them are the real deal when it comes down to tested and quality CRM platforms.

Plus, with regard to what has happened to ektron, now there is a post-future ektron that marketers need to keep in mind now. Times are changing literally by the minute and companies need to do all they can to catch up and not get lost in the tide. Now because things change at a much faster pace than ever before, you can be sure that you will need to plan ahead even more than ever before. If you are still not convinced to move off Ektron.

Here are the top five reasons why you should do so as soon as possible:

  • The end date is just a year from now:

    Since there is not a new version of Ektron that is going to be released, it is expected to end by 2020. That itself should tell you all that you need to know. After all, there is little less than a year left for you to get your act together and find a new refined CRM. Most importantly, delaying the process further will lead to the risk of your company facing unavoidable high costs and risks that it is powerless to do anything about. In this regard, the best time to make a change is now.

  • The difficulty of customization:

    This is primarily due to the fact that Ektron was built to be administered by main developers and no one else. Hence, marketers and content creators have always had a hard time on this platform and over the years, things have not changed in this regard. Hence, moving to a new CMS will provide you with many cost-saving opportunities, plus you will not end up wasting most of your time and money focusing on simple edits, due to outdated issues on Ektron.

  • The lack of content personalization:

    Most marketers have realized the sheer importance of this aspect only in the past few years with the sheer rise of various kinds of content across the board. After all, this is one of the main ways in which a service can engage its audience in a meaningful and lasting way. In the case of Ekton, the primary disadvantage is that an additional configuration of the Ektron CMS is required, which most site owners are unable to do.

  • Less external developer support:

    Due to the fact that the sheer popularity of this platform has decreased to such a considerable extent, the number of developers who are well-versed in it is dwindling by the day. For this reason alone, all the organizations that are in need of external Ektron site support have to deal with multiple hassles such as added risks, wait time and more expenses.

  • Derelict technical support:

    This is primarily due to the loss in investment towards platform improvement and security patches, which, in turn, leads to the problem of bugs taking longer to deal with. Compared with other CRM platforms that offer around-the-clock support, the overall access to the Ektron platform lags behind to a considerable degree. 


All in all, services certainly owe it to themselves to make sure that a thorough level of research is done with regard to finding newer and more up-to-date CMS platforms today. Given the rate at which things are going and technology is accelerating, we cannot possibly rely on old platforms to get the job done in a world of marketing and customer relations where everything is undergoing a wave of change.

Moreover, you certainly cannot expect to know which platform is the right one for you in a jiffy. That is for absolutely certain. Word-of-mouth recommendations would certainly be the ideal place to start, but one cannot neglect the vital aspect of doing some research on your own. Plus, there are many services out there that have successfully handled many migrations off Ektron, so once you get in touch with them, things will become a lot easier and smoother for you to handle.

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