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Machine Learning: Have You Heard the News?

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It is already assumed that if you are reading this, you have an interest in software testing. It may be a professional interest, a personal interest or both. There are many things that go into new software being developed and brought into the world. In technology especially, speed is of the essence. Competition is fierce and a company can lose market share in a flash. 

This article is for those of you looking to take your development company to the next level or want to upgrade your systems. You should be aware of new technology in software testing. A new website or application being deployed a few months before your competition could be a huge advantage. This is where the heavy lifting happens in any new software or hardware. The faster it can be tested, the faster it can hit the market. This may help guide some of your decisions when it comes to this subject.

Don’t Fear Machine Learning

First things first, do not be afraid of artificial intelligence. While the jury may be out on killer robots, this is not that kind of AI. Automation can save time and money. The more of it, the better. Artificial intelligence can do great things in the testing field. AI can create test scripts and generate error reports. It can create test environments and then conduct code and software tests automatically. This is just the tip of the iceberg for what AI can, and will do in the future. A new algorithm could be the difference between a massive success, or just another piece of software. Make sure that you or your development partners are fully taking advantage of this new and exciting field.

Another big thing to be on the lookout for is making testing based more on behavior, less on technical reasoning. It makes sense to have a flexible, adaptable framework for your software. The winds of change are always blowing in tech, adopt a bend but don’t break philosophy. AI combined with the human element is a very powerful combination. AI can remove some of the pain points, and make the end result is much more effective. When you take these elements and combine them with open source software, more data and knowledge points, the future is unlimited. A company would be wise to adopt a holistic approach to the standards and practices of their testing and framework.

Prepare for the Future

Those are just a few of the examples of advancements in software testing. What we consider to be commonplace now, may no longer exist in a decade. Preparation and forward-thinking are key. The best thing you can do is to always partner with the top professionals in the field. Teams like performance labs are working hard every day to improve the lives of their clients and business. Speed, efficiency and security are some key performance indicators in this field. Ensure that you are using best practices, to stay in line or ahead of your competition. Do not fear the future, there is nothing to be scared of.

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