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Machine Learning Makes for a Smoother Landing

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are huge trends for 2020 and, according to many, are the future of web design.  In particular, experts say that the creation of intelligent and high converting landing pages will be greatly improved with the use of this technology.  In this article, we’ll talk about the different ways in which AI and ML are set to turn the world of web design upside down. 

Using Artificial Intelligence to Understand the Human Kind

One of the most important aspects of any business is that of finding out who your customer is, where they come from and, the different factors which influence their buying decisions.  Trying to collate this information as a mere mortal would take a huge amount of time and data crunching; not so for AI and machine learning.

Today’s technology means that machine learning can now collect and analyse customer behaviour – including their desired features and useability.  AI can then create a customer buying profile and offer predictions on future buying behaviour.

Going forward, it’s reasonable to expect that the technology will be able to make intelligent predictions in order to engage the customer at every level on your site – from preferred images to colour and shape. 

Getting Personal

We’ve already briefly mentioned data – and with good reason.  The use of AI and machine learning for collating, analysing and understanding data is absolutely key when it comes to knowing what customers want – and giving it to them.  One thing we’re going to see a lot more of in this respect is super-personalised content.

This, essentially, means that each and every one of your customers will only see posts and content which is relevant to their interests and their requirements.  In the future, we’ll see data-driven marketing and predictive analytics coming together to form the dream team of personalised content.

AI and machine learning for personalisation will be particularly useful on social media. As we’re hit with more and more information on social media, making sure that the right customer sees the right post is pretty much everything. 

In addition, the advent of machine learning will mean that the journey from social media to landing page will be smooth and seamless – the customer clicks onto a post on social media which grabs their attention – and will immediately be led to similar content on your landing page to make sure that you keep them hooked. AI will also be able to personalise the marketing message to suit the customer, based on past behaviour and preferences. 

The Big Picture

I’m sure that you don’t need to be told about the importance of imagery when it comes to the world wide web.  Not only is it important to have images on your website and social media pages – but it’s essential to have the right ones.  Customers view approximately 5000 online adverts every day.

Although this is a staggering number, many of these images simply don’t register because they’re not of interest.  For today’s brand, the secret to success when it comes to images is – say it with us – personalisation. In today’s world, AI algorithms can tell the difference between images right down to the last pixel. 

One upon a time, Google would rely quite heavily on image names when it wanted to compare and contrast uploaded pictures but, that’s all a thing of the past. These days, Google uses AI to detect patterns and structures within any image – and to then identify other images with similar characteristics. 

So, what does all this have to do with your landing page?  Quite a lot, actually. Machine learning will be able to offer image suggestions based on a customer’s previous checkout behaviour – and it will do with laser-style accuracy. 

As the technology advances, it’s suggested that AI’s capacity to discern and understand images much more accurately (and of course, much more quickly) than the human eye. This will be a very big deal indeed when it comes to making intelligent suggestions which actually lead to more sales. 

The “Bot”-tom Line

If you shop or do business online, there’s a good chance that, at one time or another, you’ve come across the chatbot.  Yep, those automated messages which are often irrelevant and, are largely unhelpful. Although, in the beginning, customer service chatbots were rudimentary and designed only to answer the simplest of queries, things are about to change. 

It’s almost a given that AI and machine learning will start to lead the way when it comes to customer support but it will be more intelligent and, a lot more reactive. Faster and cheaper than using actual humans, AI-driven customer support is the future – whether we like it or not. 

For landing pages, the use of a pop up chat box is already a reality and, those in the know reckon that it won’t be long before AI allows for voice-activated support where we won’t even have to look at, let alone touch our screens in order to get help. The level and quality of that help will, however, be the biggest change. 

Machine learning will allow customer support bots to analyse and understand much more complex queries and questions – and to answer them accurately. Although the bots will initially need to be programmed with a certain amount of information; they will then begin to learn and to add to their own databanks in order to adapt and provide the correct information. 

AI by Design

As a business owner, you already know that it’s important to have a great looking website.  On top of that, you know that you need a site with easy navigation and good functionality. Unfortunately, that’s no longer enough.  Today’s website needs to be designed with conversion in mind – which means a killer landing page.

It’s great that your landing page is optimised with your keywords and some fabulous images but, when it comes to designing your website, AI can take things a step or two further.  Advances in AI and machine learning mean that you’ll be able to get your hands on intelligent, reactive website design which will actually change the content of your landing page for you to tweak your biz to fit in with rapidly moving trends. 

For the busy brand, this means that the website will always be bang up to date and relevant – even when you don’t have the time to keep on top of it yourself.  Intuitive AI will identify the key trends within your industry and adjust the landing page content accordingly – so that you and your brand never miss a trick!

Those All Important Analytics

Artificial intelligence has already given us the gift of sentiment analysis, allowing us to find out how people feel about our products or services.  AI has also began to creep into the analysis of our landing pages with tools such as Landingi. These tools allow us to quickly and easily find out the ways in which our landing pages are doing well – and the ways in which they’re not. 

These tools are incredibly important as a brand is able to see – in real-time – the areas in which their business is being let down. 

There was a time when AI was all a little bit ‘sci-fi’ but, those days are long gone.  Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly being incorporated into every corner of our lives; both personal and business and, businesses who are not yet on board will soon find themselves being left behind. 

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