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15 Ways An iPad POS Could Unlock More Potential in Your Restaurant

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Technology is changing how the business world operates, and the hospitality industry is no exception. Along with advances such as Touch and Go payments, electronic Point of Sale (POS) systems are set to revolutionize the industry. Through the tap of a touchscreen, restaurants can streamline their operations and customers can access an interactive menu.

Large multinationals are already using this powerful technology for the enhanced productivity it affords. And with set-up costs becoming increasingly more affordable each year, small independent restaurants are quickly following suit.

So how exactly can an iPad optimize your restaurant business?

Let’s take a look at the top 15 benefits of this exciting piece of tech.

  1. You can monitor your inventory in real-time, allowing the Back of House (BOH) to alert the Front of House (FOH) when an item runs out of stock. No more rushing outside and crossing things off the chalkboard.
  2. You can add shift notes to alert all FOH, BOH, or both to an issue. It enables streamlined communication to reach every single person on shift.
  3. You can easily swipe between bills to find the correct tab. No more frantically searching far and wide for that allusive slip of paper that fell on the floor.
  4. FOH can put item notes directly into orders for BOH to review before preparing a meal. That way, you’ll never accidentally put bacon into a vegetarian bowl of Carbonara again.
  5. You can easily add an EFTPOS tip payment through the ‘tip adjust’ setting.
  6. You can continue to work even when the internet goes down. Tasks such as taking orders, sending orders, and creating bills work offline in the latest iPad POS systems.
  7. You can take your POS with you. An iPad’s sleek design allows FOH to slip it in an apron and carry it wherever they go.
  8. You can split bills with ease. No more crunching numbers to determine who owes what. An iPad POS system lets the customer split bills upfront which makes for seamless payments on check-out. Customers adore this feature as it takes the stress out of dividing a bill at the end of a meal.
  9. You can provide better tableside service through increased accuracy. FOH will be less likely to make a mistake and will be more likely to notice discrepancies when repeating the order back to the customer. BOH won’t have to worry about difficulties in reading FOH handwriting.
  10. You can get your customers to sign on screen, which reduces ongoing costs for paper and streamlines the check-out process.
  11. You can build a menu through the existing templates. These menus are intuitive, thus reducing staff training costs.
  12. You can record feedback notes, questions, and tasks in the ‘virtual logbook.’ This information helps you plan future shifts.
  13. You can quickly customize menus, adding certain items or removing others with ease.
  14. You can access in-depth employee analytics to evaluate labor costs, scheduling requirements, and productivity KPIs.
  15. You can analyze sales analytics to determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and promotions. You can also use the system to understand sales trends and item performance without having to manually pour through paper records.

As you can see, having a restaurant POS system can streamline your restaurant operations and enhance your customers’ dining experience. Here’s a quick summary of how an iPad POS system can optimize your restaurant’s success.

Mobility and Efficiency

The mobility of an iPad allows your POS system to move around with FOH staff, letting them settle bills or take orders wherever they may be. As a result, FOH staff will spend less time moving around and be more productive. A reduction in movement will drain less energy and improve FOH’s overall satisfaction with the job.

Reduction in Errors

An iPad POS system also reduces errors and miscommunications between FOH and BOH staff. The computerized system will automatically inform BOH staff of orders and any special requests, thus making it almost impossible for one to slip through the cracks.

A reduction in errors not only creates more happy customers, but it also reduces food waste from remaking orders as well.

Advanced Analytics

With an iPad POS system, you can easily review critical data relating to your restaurant’s income and expenses. Automatically generated reports provide insight into item performance, staff productivity, and scheduling. With this information at hand, you can make informed decisions about your everyday operations.


So, what’s the bottom line? Invest in an iPad POS System today to optimize your restaurant business success.

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