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Can a Car Tracker Help to Reduce Your Insurance Quotes?

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Nowadays, cars are one of the most expensive assets you can own. Aside from the costs involved in acquiring one, many people tend to value the things inside the car such as music and communication devices. That’s beside any exterior modifications such as custom paint jobs or body styling kits.

So it stands to reason that you will have to pay a substantial amount in insurance premiums in order to protect these assets and this can come at an eye-watering price. This is because of how insurance companies work out your risk and one of the things they take into account is how secure your car is and how likely it is to be subject to theft or not. Trackershop maintains that one of the best ways to protect your prize asset is by having a car tracker fitted.

Tracking systems are ideal for anyone whether you drive for a living or just for leisure purposes and they can be fitted to any vehicle.

So, how do trackers work?

Technology to keep your car safe

The advertised presence of a tracker can help to prevent your car from being stolen as thieves will be aware of how their every move will be tracked. Some tracking systems use motion sensor technology which alerts you to any movement by sending a message via a mobile phone app to wherever you are. A tracker can also send an alert to the police and provide real-time information on the location of your car enabling them to find your car wherever it is.

How a tracker can help keep your premiums down

Insurance companies expect vehicle owners to take every possible precaution to keep their cars safe and secure from theft, whilst also making sure that they drive as safely as they can. Fitting a tracking system to your car indicates to your insurer that you take the security of your car extremely seriously and are keen to reduce risk as much as possible. A car tracker not only reduces the risk of your car being stolen in the first place, but it also increases the chances of the vehicle being recovered quickly should this occur. What this means for your insurer is that it will be much easier to recover your car before any chance of it being vandalized or stripped for parts and this will incur lower costs for them. The knock-on effect is that they can then potentially offer you lower premiums.

There is an added advantage of having a tracking system installed in your car and this concerns how it can help to lower your motoring costs by helping you to monitor and modify your driving. Knowing how much heavy braking and hard acceleration can affect your mpg figures can help you to better economize on fuel costs. Crucially, as far as your insurance company is concerned, a driver who is aware of how they are driving and who takes steps to modify their driving behavior is, in their eyes, a safer driver and therefore less of a risk.

A tracking device can also help you to realize how many miles you drive and so assist you in working out where you can cut down on unnecessary driving if you possibly can. Insurance companies will always offer discounts for lower annual mileages because less mileage means that you are less of a risk than someone who is on the road more often.

When it comes to the safety and security of your car can you afford the risk of not having it protected by a tracking system 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

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