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Top Hacks to Improve the Performance of Your Home Wi-Fi

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Internet has been around for a few decades now. Different processes have been introduced to make the experience of using it better than ever before. One such example is the introduction of Wi-Fi. It has made internet usage easier and more comfortable than it used to be before.

However, if you are using Wi-Fi, you might face a few problems at times as well. The speed of the Wi-Fi connection might be slow at times. And you might not even know the reasons. But if you know why your Wi-Fi is not performing as per your expectations, then you can look for ways to solve the problem. And you might even try out a few tricks to speed up your Wi-Fi connection.

Top Hacks to Improve the Performance of Your Home Wi-Fi

The Router’s Range is Important

When it comes to Wi-Fi, it’s not only the strength that matters. It’s the range as well. You might have a great and strong Wi-Fi signal in the room where you have placed the Wi-Fi router, but just outside that room, you are not able to access Wi-Fi. This makes no sense at all. Hence, it is important to check out the capability of a Wi-Fi router and how long its range is, before you actually purchase the product.

Increase the Range of the Router

However, you can still increase the range of the wireless router through some processes as well. There are some ways through which you can ensure that the router is offering the best range possible. To do this, you will need to remove the materials that might be causing obstruction to the Wi-Fi signal. For example, you need to:

  • Remove water containers that are lying close to the router
  • Place the router away from the window
  • Put the router in a central position, away from the concrete walls
  • Ensure that the router is away from electronic devices

This is because things, such as water, concrete walls, electronic devices, and others are known to obstruct Wi-Fi signals or cause interference. Thus, the strengths of the Wi-Fi signals are greatly compromised. Besides, when you place a router close to the window, half the Wi-Fi signals are spread outside. That means a significant loss to you. So, it is important to place the router correctly to have the best Wi-Fi signals.

Try Some Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Performance

In addition to placing the router at the right spot, you can also try out some other simple steps, which might help to enhance the speed of your Wi-Fi. These can ensure that you have a great user experience when you are surfing the internet with the help of the Wi-Fi router.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most effective ways for improved Wi-Fi performance.

#1. Use a Strong Antenna for the Router

Did you know that the antenna plays a major role in enhancing the Wi-Fi signals? So, just check whether the antenna of your Wi-Fi router is performing as per its capability. You can also add a stronger antenna to ensure that the signals are transmitted in a much better manner. Speaking about antenna, you can ensure better performance from the very beginning. While purchasing the Wi-Fi router, go for one with multiple antennas instead of a single one. It is going to ensure that you will get strong Wi-Fi signals in your house, which will play a significant role in enhancing your internet using experience.

#2. Add a Wireless Repeater

Heard about wireless repeater? That can be a great addition to your home Wi-Fi set up. You need to place it in between the router and your internet-friendly device. And from then on, you can experience a much improved internet performance.

So, how does a wireless repeater help?

According to a write up, “A universal repeater function allows one to communicate with a specific wireless SSID and repeat or regenerate the signal as the same or a different name providing enhanced coverage without having to have an Ethernet cable connect to the access point.” So, the repeater is expected to make the Wi-Fi performance way better than it would have been, had there been no such device. The repeater will function as a bridge between the router and the device through which you are going to access the internet. Besides, it will be increasing the range of the internet signal to a great extent.

#3. Close the Unused Background Applications

In most of the computers, tablets, and other Wi-Fi friendly devices, a large number of background tasks continue when you are accessing the internet. These might cause a significant slowdown to the Wi-Fi signal. If you want to speed up the internet, choose the applications that you don’t need and shut them down. You should disable almost everything that you don’t need. Doing this can significantly speed up the connection.

#4. Place the Router in the Right Place

Even after you have done all that you can, the speed of Wi-Fi might not increase significantly. So, what’s the way to solve the problem? You can check whether the router has been placed in the best position. There are materials, which are known to disrupt Wi-Fi performance significantly. These include concrete walls, water, metal objects, electronic appliances, and so on. They cause interference with the Wi-Fi signal, which slows down the process. It is important to place the router in the right position to get the best performance from it.

Having access to the internet isn’t enough these days. A lot of people look for excellent user experience when it comes to using the internet. And what can be a better way to have that than using Wi-Fi? However, the speed offered by the Wi-Fi connection isn’t always up to the mark. It slows down at times. But it’s not difficult to speed that up. All you need to know are a few tricks to enhance your router’s performance. And they will come in extremely handy to boost the Wi-Fi performance to a great extent, thus improving your internet using experience too.

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