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Top 8 Components Your Website Homepage Must Have for Marketing

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Planning to create a website for your business? That’s one of the best ways through which you can reach out to your potential customers. And when they reach your website, it’s on you to grab their attention and keep them on your website for a longer time. So, how can you do that? Remember, the visitors to your website are likely to spend a bit of time on the homepage. And it’s the page that summarizes your business. Hence, it is extremely important to ensure that you design the homepage of your website in the best possible way.

Remember, there are quite a few components that the homepage of your website must have.

So, what are these components that can help to make the homepage of your website the perfect marketing tool for your business?

Here’s a quick look at some of them.

#1. Attractive Headlines

In a lot of websites, you will find overstuffing of content right at the homepage. This is not the right process to design it. You need to remember that people will look for catchy content, but all of them might not spend a lot of time on the webpage. In fact, studies tell that each webpage has less than 15 seconds to impress the visitor. So, it is important to have some attractive headlines and subheads on the homepage. People will visit the other pages of your website only if they are captivated by those headlines on the homepage.

#2. Short Descriptions

Do you think only the headlines are enough to keep your website visitors glued to the homepage? Of course not. In fact, just the headlines that are created without any description are of no value on the homepage. The visitors should be interested to know more about your business when they view the headlines. However, you don’t have enough space on the homepage to convey everything right there. So, the best way you can solve this problem is by adding short descriptions below each headline. It will help you to reach out to your potential customers within a short time. They will come to know about your products and services right from the homepage and connect with you when they need your offerings.

#3. Easy Navigation

Want to use the homepage of your website for marketing your business? It can surely be a wonderful platform for that. But you can, of course, not include all the products and services that your business offers, right on the homepage. But you need the visitors to know about them. Hence, you will want the visitors to move to the relevant pages. That’s not an easy thing to do, especially if it is difficult to go from one page of the website to another.

So, you need to focus on designing the navigation properly. It has to be easy, so that the visitors don’t face any type of problem moving pages. There are several benefits of designing an easy navigation from the homepage. So, you need to create it to enjoy those advantages while marketing your products and services.

#4. Direction Indicators

Where will the visitors head from your homepage? Is there any special thing that you want the visitors to view? Almost all websites have a proper hierarchy within it. And you are likely to expect the visitor to see certain pages before others. So, it is down to you to ensure that the visitors move to those specific pages from the homepage. For this, you will need to use indicators. Arrow signs can be a good example of such an indicator. In addition, you can also add a little bit of text close to the arrows to make sure that the visitors are not making any mistake in following the direction that they want to go to.

#5. Social Media Buttons

Social media is almost everywhere these days. And millions of people are present on the different social media websites present across the internet. So, if you are looking to reach out to the maximum number of people from your website, then you should make full use of social media. And right on the homepage of the website, there should be clearly visible different social media buttons.

When clicked, these buttons should redirect the visitors from your website to the profiles and pages that you have on these social media platforms. And then you can engage in direct conversation with the customers. This is one of the best ways to get direct feedback from the consumers. It will help you to know where you are going wrong, or what changes you should bring to your business to gain more ground among your target audience. So, these social media buttons are sure to make the task easier.

#6. Testimonials and Awards

If you have won any award, you should obviously include it in the homepage of your website. It can turn out to be one of the best marketing tools for your business. The mention of awards or accolades help your business to become more credible in the eyes of a lot of people. So, they are likely to approach you if they want some of your offerings. If you have won testimonials from some of the past clients, you can add that on the homepage too. It will also come in handy to make you more relevant in the market.

#7. Call to Action

Does your website homepage have any call to action? If it doesn’t then you must not waste any more time and add it now. Absence of a proper call to action makes people confused. And you might miss out on some of the customers only because of this.

#8. Images and Videos

These are among the most important components of your website’s homepage, especially if you want to use the platform for marketing your business. Remember, images are always able to convey more through less. And when you have the opportunity of adding short videos to your website, you can easily speak a lot about your business.

In addition to these components, you can also create backlinks from the homepage to other pages of the website. It is a great way to keep the audience captivated for a longer period. It is important for you to design the homepage of your website in the best possible manner to get the best returns on investment and earn more revenues.

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