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Top 6 Website Components To Build A Customer Relationship Of Trust

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Your website is the right platform for your business to connect with the existing and potential customers. So, it is essential for you to build it in a proper way. And when you are creating your website, remember that it will function not just as a business platform. A website prepared in the right way can

#1. Include Client Logos in Your Website

Are you adding anything about the works that you have done in the past? It can be one of the best things to attract more clients. People will select you only if they are convinced that you have done some good work in the past. So, your website is the best place to display them. And if you want to make the page more interesting, include the logos of the companies that you have worked for in the past.

The logos from the clients who were satisfied with your work make the website more powerful and attractive. If you have helped some of the businesses who have been successful, then you are sure to get more business. Other businesses would like to integrate the work that you had done for their competitor to be successful enough.

#2. Create a Striking About Us Page

Do you feel that the visitors to your website do not read your About Us page? Think again! It has been observed that people pay a good amount of attention to this page when they visit your website. In fact, in most of the cases, it is the first place they visit to get some idea about your business. And if you can’t make it attractive enough, they might not even have a look at the other pages.

So, you should focus on making the About Us page of your website interesting and captivating.

But how can you do that?

  • Include who you are and what you do
  • Be a bit personal
  • Add the images of the team members

These can help you make the About Us page look more convincing.

#3. Certification from Payment Gateways

There have been so many cases of credit card fraud and identity theft. And most of them have occurred when people were trying to pay online after purchasing something. So, it is necessary to ensure people that they can depend on you when it comes to making a payment online while purchasing something from your website. But it’s not easy.

What are the steps that you can follow?

Design your payment page prudently. Include the logos of the checkout methods that you use on your website. Put the logos of some of the most common websites that are known to be trusted payment platforms. This builds a lot of trust among the target audience.

#4. Testimonials have a Positive Impact

How long have you been in this business? If you have been working for quite a few years you will have a number of satisfied customers. Did you ask for testimonials about you from them? These are good feedback to be shared. So, if placed in your website, these will impact your business in a positive manner. But choose the right testimonials prudently for your website.

You can create a separate testimonial section in your website where you can add these. Also, a few selected positive comments that the clients made for your products or services can flash through the website’s home page.

#5. Adding a Badge can Help

Are you confident about the quality of your products? Do you have an idea about the performance of different products of your company? You can use different badges to denote this. For example, the badge of a product whose performance has been average would definitely not be the same as that of your best selling product.

It’s important to design the badge properly, as it is going to be one of the most important marketing tools for your products. You can use the golden color and add a catchy call-to-action, such as Buy Now, in it. These badges can help to make your webpages look more convincing than ever before.

#6. Share Information about Your Presence on Social Platforms

Do you have pages and accounts on different social media platforms? Are you already being liked or followed by thousands of people? Post this information on your webpage. This speaks volumes about the high quality of your products and services. So, this is surely going to help to make the business more credible to your potential customers. Add a social media button close to it and people will like and share your company’s page on these social platforms.

Building a relationship of trust is not an easy thing. More so, when you want to do it with your customers. But even your website can come in handy in the process. All you need to do is follow the right ways and you can achieve it without much hassle.

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