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Top 5 Tools To Sell Videos Online

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The days of people waiting for videos to be available in stores for sale or for rent are going the way of the dodo bird. Today, many people are getting the video content they want online. While there are some unscrupulous types who will try to get anything they can for free, including copyrighted content, there are still many who like to use the legal route, and pay for the content they watch.

If you have video content for rent or sale, you need to jump on the online video bandwagon. Otherwise, you will be stuck in reverse, with a whole lot of DVDs that you can’t sell because everyone wants to download their content instead. The trick is, how do you do that?

Here are five tools that will help you get online sales for your videos:

#1. Uscreen

Using Uscreen you can create your own online store, and embed video right on your own website. Your customers will be able to rent or buy videos, as well as subscribe to your video services, without having to leave your website. Instead of putting your videos on sites like Youtube, where you don’t make a lot of money except for the piddling amounts from advertising, you can actually make money with the videos you produce, no matter what type of content they are.

You will find your audience, and they will find it easy to get the video content they want from you. Uscreen is also perfect for a training platform to train your students or employees.

#2. Pivotshare

Anyone can make money from their video content through Pivotshare. It is easy to use, and there are individual media channels that let you make money in a variety of ways, including pay-per-view, subscriptions, and purchases/downloads. There are apps for tablets and smartphones in iTunes and Google Play, and the new customization service offers custom URLs and brand specific apps.

There are many ways to use Pivotshare, and this is a great site for independent filmmakers. There is even an embeddable player that can be used on any website so customers can pay without having to stop viewing.

#3. VHX.TV started as a way for people to find the best viral videos. Then, it did an about face, and became a tool for people who have video content to sell. Some of the first projects included a DRM-free download for $5, and the Sundance documentary, Indie Game: The Movie. These have both gone on to iTunes, Netflix, and other platforms.

VHX doesn’t offer any mobile or tablet apps, but there is an embeddable player that lets providers sell products on their own websites. You can use PayPal and Amazon for payments, so customers don’t have to stop viewing to pay for the products they buy.

#4. Gumroad

Gumroad allows you to sell anything, from video content to actual products through a social media website using a link from the company. The link takes customers to pay windows, where they enter their information and get instructions on how to complete their purchases. Gumroad is a great tool for artists who want to reach out to their fans through the use of social media, and without having to have their own websites. Gumroad even has an on-demand video streaming service.

#5. Tinypass

Tinypass is a lot like Gumroad, but there are a few big differences in the payment startup. There is no promotional page, and there is plenty of room for your own customization. You can sell your products as downloads, per track, as subscriptions, and more, on just about any web location. Customers have many payment options, and all one needs for payment is an email address and a Tinypass password.

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