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Top 5 Questions To Ask While Setting Up A High-speed Wi-Fi Connection

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Wi-Fi is nothing new. It’s been in use for quite some time now. It surely makes the internet surfing experience an easier and a better one. Yet, not all people know how to best use Wi-Fi. As a result, not everyone is able to enjoy the most optimum performance of Wi-Fi connections. But all it needs are a few tips and tricks. And you can very well be enjoying the best speed possible speed of the Wi-Fi in your house or workplace.

So, what are these Wi-Fi tricks that can enhance your internet usage to a certain extent? Let’s have a quick look.

#1. Where have You Placed Your Router?

This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask while planning to enhance the speed of Wi-Fi in your house.

#2. Which Channel are You Using?

There are so many channels for using Wi-Fi. Are you finding a channel too busy? It might happen that the channel that you are using for Wi-Fi is offering you slow internet connection. The reasons can be many. And the most common one is of course interference. Remember, you are not the only person using Wi-Fi. Even your neighbor is using it.

So, there is every chance that the channel you are using is interfering with the one used by your neighbor. This decreases the speed of the internet a great deal. Use a Wi-Fi Analyzer or a Wi-Fi Stumbler. It will help you see the available channels and you can select one with least interference. Want to enhance the Wi-Fi signal for your home? You can use a Windsurfer tin foil hack to enhance the signal.

#3. Is your Wi-Fi antenna Powerful Enough?

It’s the Wi-Fi antenna that does the trick. When it comes to a Wi-Fi router, you need to check out how powerful its antenna is. Although all the routers have one or two antennas, they are not always of the best quality. If it holds true for your router as well, you should find a new one.

You can go for a high-gain Wi-Fi antenna, which is going to help you significantly. These antennas are easily available and can be found in almost any electronic store. They will help to enhance the strength of the signal. Thus, you will now be able to access the Wi-Fi signals and surf the internet from those corners of your house, which were out of reach of your previous Wi-Fi antennas.

#4. Do You Need a Repeater?

You have enhanced your wireless router by adding high-gain Wi-Fi antenna. Yet, you don’t find the signal strong enough. So, what can you do now?

An easy option is to go for a wireless repeater for Wi-Fi. You can buy a Wi-Fi router plug-in extender and get better Wi-Fi signals, in terms of both strength and range. In addition to offering better signals, these plug-ins for the routers ensure that Wi-Fi signal is available in every nook and corner of your home.

#5. Are You Using the Best Router?

This might seem to be a not so pertinent question to ask. But when it comes to managing the speed of Wi-Fi signals, the answer to this question holds immense value. The world of technology is advancing at the speed of light. And with it, all the instruments and equipment as well.

So, if you use a backdated modem for catching the Wi-Fi signals, it is surely not going to perform at the optimum level. Instead, you should try to get hold of the latest equipment. This can help you significantly if you are looking to get enhanced signals to enjoy a fast internet connection.

While using Wi-Fi in your home, you might not always experience the best internet speed. But following these few tips and tricks can help you enhance the speed of the router and enjoy the best internet connection.

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