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10 Technologies To Look Out For In 2015

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Want to know which technologies will impact you in 2015? Did you know that with the onset of 2015, things like genetic profiling, auto-pilot vehicles, 3D printing, autonomic computing and new wireless RAN technology could all become a reality?

10 Transformations in Technology Expected in 2015:

Check out the 10 interesting innovations that focus on correcting the limitations of existing technology and have the potential to transform our experience to a completely new level.

  1. Personal biometric scanners for online banking – The UK is all set to introduce Finger Vein Authentication Technology (VeinID) to enhance banking security. It will not require any desktop card readers, phone authentication, PINs or OTPs, since vein pattern recognition is quicker and more reliable. It is going to be more fool-proof than finger print technology, making your online mobile shopping experience safer too.
  2. Launch of Windows 10 by Microsoft – Microsoft is all set to woo the audience with a design that runs on a wide range of platforms – including the “Internet of Things” – with a customized experience for each. It is all set to address a number of usability issues by refining its “Metro” interface and bringing back the well-accepted Start Menu. You can check out the trials now.
  3. Data Intensive Applications all set to rule Wireless IP – Wireless data applications will completely knock out the IP system and will turn the game around.
  4. Mobile Data Congestion – There is an urgency to off-load to other wireless technology like WiFi immediately and also to create room for new applications, like those used in advanced technologies, such as robotic surgical operation.
  5. Applications at the Center – Networks must adapt and adjust to the traffic needs of the application, such as jitter, latency and packet loss absorption, to provide spontaneous and ubiquitous coverage across the world.
  6. Alarming data traffic –  By 2015, 91% of the internet traffic will comprise of video, HD and 3D video. The current technology cannot cater to such heavy traffic and there is a need for a complete new architecture, such as CDN, to handle the load effectively and efficiently.
  7. Smart machines – Deep analytics, along with a ‘context driven’ approach, gives a clear indication of smart machines. This technological foundation, when clubbed with advanced algorithms, will allow systems to comprehend the environment, learn and then respond autonomously. This will bring in a new generation of smart machines, robots, more advanced mobile phone features that can be conveniently bought with online mobile shopping.
  8. Rising Data, Declining Revenue – Today data revenue and traffic are disassociated in a data-dominant world. Revenues are beginning to saturate and hence CXOs must be ready to aid CEOs to come up with innovative measures to generate revenue from OTT players, starting now.
  9. Knowledge Mining will triumph – Knowledge mining will substitute all data and information mining. This will create huge ripples in data retention and compression across enterprises.
  10. Cloud Computing – With the conjunction of the cloud and mobile computing, the growth of centrally coordinated applications, deliverable to any device, is certain. In the times to come, games and enterprise applications will use multiple screens and offer enhanced user experience.

Apart from these, there are many significant experiments and inventions waiting in the wings to change the face of the world dramatically, such as DNA computers, robotic cleaners, invention of adaptable material, micro fluid chips and so on. The major shift at all levels will be an extensive customer centric approach that will affect the entire user experience, including online mobile shopping.

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