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Top 10 Online Training Platforms

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An easy way to make money online is to create and sell online courses. Millions of people want to learn from these courses, and if you have a subject that people are interested in, you can jump on this money-making bandwagon. But, you need to do it right, so you will be able to attract as many customers as possible. This means that you need to use all of the tools that are available to you. You have information people want. You just need to make them realize that they want it. Here are the top ten online training platforms that will help you do just that.

#1. OpenSesame

This is the first of these platforms that will let you upload your courses via a standards-based course authoring package (SCORM, AICC, etc.) such as Articulate Presenter. If you are an old hand at offering online courses, or you represent someone who is, this platform will give you more sophisticated tools to use. You will have the ability to upload videos, and courses that are published via this platform can be accessed by anyone who uses a learning management system (LMS) of any type. If you are new to this game, you may want to go with a less sophisticated system, as well as one that is less expensive, because this company does take 40% of all sales.

#2. Uscreen

This is the newest video streaming brand from WebNet Hosting, and it was launched in 2013. WebNet Hosting has been a popular managed hosting provider since 2002, so you know you will be thrilled with Uscreen, which is a platform that gives you all of the solutions for streaming videos. This US company is located in Rockville, MD. Uscreen enables you to deliver tests, track progress, schedule content, and view everything in native mobile apps.uscreen

#3. WizIQ

If you want to offer live and on-demand webinars, this is a great tool to use. You will have a platform that allows you to easily provide live webinar sessions, and you can include slides, desktop sharing, audio, and video, so the lessons can be recorded to use for on-demand access. You can also publish and sell your courses through the WizIQ online marketplace. You can get a 30-day trial to check it out, and after that the fees start at $19 per month.wiziq

#4. Coggno

When you use this platform, you can create courses or upload content that you already have, including SCORM files. You can choose to offer these to be delivered to people privately, or you can sell them through the Coggno marketplace. You can use the brand of the Coggno platform to offer courses to your target audience at no cost to yourself, so you have another way to distribute your courses. When the LMS is used like this, organizations only pay for what they use. When you are ready to start selling content, prices start at $24.95 per month, as well as 10% of all sales.coggno

#5. Digital Chalk

There are all kinds of plans you can use to get your courses online, and there are even production services to help you have the highest quality courses. This is great for those who want to create a course, but not necessarily produce it. Set-up is $399, and then there is a $4.95 registration fee for basic courses. This is a platform that has loads of great features to really enhance your experience, as well as the experience of your viewers.digi

#6. Educadium

You can create an easy e-commerce solution using CampusPay LMS services. It is easy to get your courses up and running, but there are still loads of great features and options so you can add on more features and services as you need them. Pricing begins at $39 per month, and fees for e-commerce are 6.5% to 10% of your sales (depends on the package you are using).educadium


With most of these options, you have a certain level of content authoring tools. But, with this platform, you can go beyond what others are offering by using the Adaptive Course Authoring PowerPoint Plug-In. This plug-in will take your presentation and turn it into courseware that is mobile-friendly and HTML based, so it can be used on home computers as well as mobile devices. If part of what you are offering includes assessments, one of the reporting abilities you will have is analysis. You can try it out free for 15 days, and then prices start at $199 monthly.ez

#8. Learning Cart

This tool is specifically for connecting e-commerce to your online courses, making it easier for you to get sales, and for people to pay for your courses. Use the platform to sell any online content, and use the integrated blog to market your courses. Integrate with GoToWebinar, Google Analytics, and more, for just $149 per month. You get a lot for your money with this platform, and it is a great way to promote and sell your courses.cart

#9. Academy of Mine

Some of the things that are included here are active blogging, podcasts, and webinars that will help you to promote your courses and get more people interested, and then keep them interested in learning more from you through other courses. You will find a great blend of marketing and learning tools in the administrative interface for the system. Although the learning curve is quite steep, if you can stick with it and make it through, you will have some of the best tools available to you for just $199 per month and

#10. CourseMerchant

If you are used to using Moodle for delivering your courses to the world, you may be very interested in learning more about CourseMerchant. Basically, this is where you go from the basic Moodle. CourseMerchant is a much more sophisticated platform, allowing you to do a variety of things such as bundling courses, giving discounts, and selling multi-seat licenses that let seats be allocated specifically for learners. Don’t forget to check out a sister site,, where you can promote courses via affiliate marketers.course

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