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TOP-10 Microsoft Outlook Features to Get the Most Out of It

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An email is a fundamental tool of today’s business world. It removes the need to use other communication channels and gives it the speed of light. It provides numerous opportunities for the detailed review of our working projects, which is the key to improving communication. With modern email service, you can see the progress of a conversation without having to go through bunches of individual messages.


Top-10 MS Outlook Features

However, many users do not take full advantage of their email services. While everyone knows how to send messages, create events on their calendars, and set up notifications, there are still many great features and tricks you might not know about that can transform the way you use email. For example, if you check the MS Outlook features below, you will more likely use outlookimport.com to migrate from your current mailbox. Let’s take a look at them!

1) Delayed delivery

If you have news that you don’t want to share right now, or a project is in progress but don’t want to send it too early, the Delayed Delivery feature allows you to send messages on your own schedule.

2) Grouping letters

For advanced email users, the ability to group messages into conversations about specific topics can help you keep track of your mailbox, stay up to date, and work more efficiently.

3) Conditional formatting

Like grouping messages, conditional formatting helps you organize your correspondence and stay focused on the topics that matter most of all. However, unlike grouping all messages, conditional formatting simply displays messages that match the selected criteria with a font and color of your choice.

4) Setting rules

This is another cool Outlook function that allows you to create settings to automatically process messages in a specific way. For example, you can check the sender, recipient, message size, date, and more. In this way, you will never miss a letter from your boss and your most important client.

5) Mailing via SMS

If you need to respond to a letter immediately or reach someone who may not have access to email, SMS may be the best solution. If you work with a provider that allows this function, you can quickly communicate with the help of urgent messages. Just be careful and warn your recipients about using this feature – few people will be happy to receive non-urgent messages during meetings or on vacation, so use this feature only in critical cases.

5) Desktop notifications

If you want to reduce distractions, you can turn off the desktop notifications that appear every time a new message drops into your inbox. This will allow you to focus on your current tasks. If you’re waiting for an important message that you can’t delay, you can easily turn on desktop notifications for a few hours or longer.

6) Message templates

If you are working as a communication manager, customer service representative, or any other position related to responding to requests – letter templates will help you work on your responses faster. After creating your own template, all you need to do is open the template, personalize it, and submit it. This will not only save your time but also increase your productivity.

7) Saving emails as files

If you want to save certain emails in the same folder as the rest of the project files, you can simply drag your message from the message box to the file folder or click Save As and choose to save the file in a special folder.

8) Multi-function keyboard shortcuts

If your email system supports keyboard shortcuts, it may also support multi-function keyboard shortcuts, which provide the ability to combine multiple keyboard shortcuts into one quick action. For example, if you want to mark a group of messages as read and, at the same time, move them to a separate folder, you can do this using multifunctional keyboard shortcuts.

9) Auto-cleanup

Outlook has an auto-cleanup feature to help save space and keep your mailbox tidy. Some mail systems can analyze the content of conversations and detect duplicate content. In this case, the previous message is deleted automatically. If someone continues to spam with unnecessary messages, you can simply block that sender using the spam filters. But if you don’t want to block someone, just choose to send a specific conversation directly to the Trash by clicking the Ignore button.

10)  Delegation of access

Finally, if you are going on a long vacation or maternity leave and do not want to check your mail even once a day or a week, you can give someone access to manage your mailbox. For this purpose, it is enough to share your login and pass with a trusted colleague.


In Conclusion

Email continues to be an essential tool in the corporate world, and your proficiency will only increase your value as an employee. We hope you will use one or more of the features we have presented, and they will certainly help you increase your productivity. Enjoy!

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