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Tips For Staying Ahead When It Comes To Online Marketing

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It is important to always be learning when it comes to online marketing. Whether you are in business for yourself or you are part of a large corporation, you should always be keeping up on the changes that are going on in the world of marketing.

There are continuous changes. Just take a minute to look up SEO for 2015 and you’ll easily get a good feel of how things change just year to year. Changes are part of growth and you need to be willing to change if you want your business to continue to grow.

Just like the rules of keywords and SEO seem to continuously be changing, so too are the rules of online marketing. These rules don’t give you penalties for being behind the times, but you may find you reach a lot less people if you don’t stay ahead of the game. These tips should help you get back in the game instead of leaving you sitting on the bench.

Research Your Competition

Take some time to look and see how other people are using the internet for marketing. You can find businesses using blogs, SEO, newsletters, texting, email campaigns, and more. The more you have going on it’s likely the more people you are reaching.

Look at the websites you’ll be competing with, and even some that you won’t be competing with, and find out what they are doing to market to customers. The more marketing techniques you adopt, and use correctly, the more people you’ll attract.

Look at their blogs and their social media accounts as well. How many fans do they have? Do they post often? Do they interact often? If they seem to be a popular site take some time to research what it is that has made them popular and keep some notes so you can adopt some of their strategies.

Know How People Are Using The Net

It is really important that you know how people are using the internet. Not just your current clients, but people in general. This includes knowing all about mobile technology. People are spending more time on the internet on their tablets and mobile phones and your website needs to be easy for them to see and navigate from tinier screens.

According to the FatCow blog, not all web designs are compatible from the big screen to the small screen, and even high resolution websites can look bad on someone’s mobile device. If your website isn’t phone friendly you are going to lose traffic, and they may not even bother to try to look you up again once they get on their actual computer.

The answer to this issue is making sure that you have a design that is phone friendly, and that when you update your site you check it on every size of screen. Marketing your product will get you nowhere if people can’t reach you on any of their devices.

Some content management systems (CMS), like WordPress and Wix, have different layout that work well with mobile technology. With Wix you need to enter into a mobile view to adjust items, while with WordPress you’ll simply have to pick a layout that is set to be mobile friendly.

SEO And The Ever Evolving Rules

Every year Google shifts their rules for getting on the front of the major search engine where you’ll be spotted by the most people when they search for specific keywords and search terms your site is host to.

Some people like to speculate on what will change each year when it comes to SEO rules. One of the important rules right now includes creating interesting content that speaks to your readers and offers them something well researched. If your website and blog posts aren’t filled with useful info and you repeat keywords too much you may get a penalty from Google.

You also may want to take some time to check out the Google Keyword Tool where you can find out how many people are searching for your chosen keywords or key phrases, as well as finding out what kind of competition you’ll have for those specific keywords. It’s not likely you’re the only person that thought of blogging about “fitness at an older age” or “how to potty train puppies.”

Embrace Social Media

Last, but definitely not least, don’t neglect social media when it comes to marketing yourself and your business. Social media allows you to get on a more personal level with customers and potential customers. You can speak to them almost as direct as picking up the phone, and many people spend a lot of time online.

Take some time to research which social media sites are the most popular for businesses. While everyone knows to be on Twitter and Facebook, some businesses are missing out on the great things Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram have to offer. Plus, there are new social media companies being introduced all the time.

To get the most out of marketing with social media you want to make sure that you do things that will attract people to your page and get them to share it, like contests and coupons. These things interest people and tend to bring them back for more.

The basic idea is to just get your name out there in any and all ways that you can. The internet allows you to reach out to people all over the world. While you may still want to market in your local area with business cards, flyers, and brochures, you can have unlimited outreach with the internet.

The more places your business can be found online the more chances you have of future customers finding you and the more likely you are to start popping up on search engines. That means having a website, a blog, getting on any and all social media that you can, posting ads where you can as well. You can advertise your services for free on Craig’s List, but you may also want to look for some paid advertising spots online as well, it could be worth it.

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