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What Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring iOS or Android Developers

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Planning to create your own iOS or Android app? What things you will look for while hiring an iPhone or Android app developer? You might wonder what the big deal is. However, getting the right app developers on board could really make a major difference. Sharp developers will help you not just refine your idea but also suggest enhancements wherever possible to bring your app near to perfection. It is always wise to pick people in your team well experienced in creating a plethora of apps with years of expertise.

Another benefit of hiring people on board is a team of people can build multiple apps for you in parallel or possibly work on different modules in parallel, letting your app develop faster. The process of selecting people may seem complex or tricky; however, a few simple tips can help you take your pick.

Always begin with organized planning

The first initial step has to be a plan in place that will let the developers know what exactly you want and how. The requirements, functionalities, estimations, and everything else need to be sketched out well. Everything should be easy to understand with a self-explanatory language. A simple email or simply a list of bullet points can also do the trick, given if all details are properly mentioned.

Have an extensive research before you proceed

Before you approach developers, do your homework and analyze the overall cost as well as time required to complete the app. Be absolutely serious while doing this. Check out whether the app is present in App Stores or not, or probably a similar one already existing or not. Have a go through whether your app is a proper fit for the existing app market or not, once completed. If your research is not complete, you might miss similar apps already running on Smartphones.

There are even apps that are outperforming, more than what is expected out of them. So, if your apps in that league, you need to gain a strong foothold. How your app is different from what similar apps are offering? What difference can your app make in the life of users? Get answers to these questions.

Come to a solution when it comes to agreement

Before the project goes for a take-off, price terms should be clear between both parties. An understanding is required regarding mode of payment and when payment is to be dispatched. Usually, payment terms are divided in 3 installments likewise 50% initially, 25% during the app development phase, and last 25% when the job is done. The payment terms may vary, however such type of clarity can make things easier and smoother between both parties.

Get started with your iOS developer or Android developer account

You need to have an account associated with iOS or Android wherein you can submit your applications, before you recruit anyone on board. Link your developer account with bank accounts to make payments related to app or receive payments related to in-app purchases. Rest is tackled by app developers or App Development Company you have hired, for submitting your apps to the App Store.

Ask for multiple bids when starting with a project

It is extremely important to get bids from different people before starting with a new project. The reason being different developers have different things to offer at different prices. You need to check which developer gets closest to you in terms of offerings, price, and turnaround time. Sometimes asking different people can help you learn new things and get knowledge on lot of unexplored areas.

There is no harm getting bids from several, as you do not know which one might click just like that. You might even bump into a brand new creative idea that you were not aware of beforehand. In addition, when you have multiple options to choose from, you have the power of bargaining in your hands. You can even shortlist developers on other parameters such as which company is the best fit, who seems to be more committed and dedicated, who does have the most impressive portfolio of all, and how much serious one is with your project.

Believe in your app as it can never fail

You need tremendous amount of patience to stand with your app through thick and thin, no matter what the scenario is. Remember, every single app can be successful, if lot of hard work invested for ample time. Every app goes through multiple iterative improvement stages to reach at the top. Topmost apps you see today, had some bugs or errors on one or the other occasion in their beginning phase. They went through lot of enhancements to be what they are today. Only systematic working and planning on things can help you achieve that.

Getting your app approved on App Stores is not enough

Do not sit back and relax after getting your app approved on App Stores. Forgetting about your app with the impression that money will start coming in immediately can be your biggest mistake. Once approved, you need to promote your app extensively so that thousands or possibly millions can see it. Marketing or advertising your app at apt places is as important as developing it. If your app is far from visibility, there is no point creating it.

Some concluding thoughts…

Churning money out of your own created app will not happen overnight. It takes an unimaginable amount of patience accompanied with vision and hard work, to take your app right from grassroots level right up to where you want to see. Well-polished iOS or Android developers can help you turn your dream come true within just a matter of months, if you are wise enough to select only those few from the lot.

Do not be in a hurry while starting off, as it is the most critical part of the entire app development process. If you falter in selecting right people to accomplish your project, then you might have to regret for a long time or possible for the rest of your life.

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