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The significance of technology in our daily life.

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In general, technology is deployed everywhere, there are very few areas in the world where basic technological ease is limited, but most of the world’s population benefit from the existence of technology. The tech industry itself is so big that according to a forecast, the industry is expected to hit $ 6 trillion in 2021, and this happened the growth rate would be between 4% to 4.5%.

Technological advancement has provided ease in all sectors of the economy, and every field of work is dominated by tech solutions. The influence of technology on transport, healthcare, socialization and education indicate the dependency of humans on technology. Latest technological trends like virtual currency transactions are going to be a part of our life in the near future through platforms like BitQT.

Every upcoming year brings new technological appliances and equipment with enhanced features and facilities. The availability of the internet has enabled people to communicate across the world and share ideas and resources with ease. According to a reliable source, more than 0.8 million new users are reported on the internet each day. This article would provide real insight into how our daily life is connected with technology.


Virtual Social Life

The introduction of social media has evolved a unique way of sharing feelings, ideas, and thoughts. The industry has grown fast and the competition is becoming more intense as new social media platforms are entering the market. Digital platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat provide a walkthrough experience of someone’s life in real-time, no matter whether they are friends, celebrities or followers.

Businesses are also in a rush to optimize social media platforms to promote their product and services. Social media has become a bridge between brands and customer interaction. Brands aware people of their new arrivals and launches through social media platforms, and customers also stay in touch with brands on digital platforms to take advantage of special discount offers.

The significance of social media could be analyzed in our daily life by considering the fact that social media platforms like Twitter act as first-hand information for news channels. Celebrities, politicians, bureaucrats, and business icons use Twitter to officially announce their intentions and actions. All thanks to technology that such digital engagements have connected the world in times when the pandemic is outspread.


Smarter Health Tracking

The emergence of fitness devices is a technology trend that is growing rapidly. The fitness devices help us to stay updated about our physical fitness precisely. The fitness tech market is one of a growing market, we have no idea how much we are in the fitness tech market, as Apple Watch is advertised with a focus on promoting it as a fitness device. In 2019, more than 30 million of them were sold, making it so far the most popular fitness watch brand in the world.

Fitness devices enable people to know real-time about the movement, it encourages its users to move more by motivating them with information like steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. We can have an idea from this, how deep technology is integrated into our daily life, and how speedily people are adopting the use of such devices.


Accessible Shopping

The shopping experience has never been as enhanced as it is now, who would have thought 50 years back that almost everything would be available online. The convenience that has been provided to the people due to the dominance of ecommerce businesses is mind blowing. No need to keep cash or cards to buy something, the whole shopping process has been modified with the help of technology.

The use of a “point of sale system” in businesses regardless of their size has enabled businesses to take payments electronically, manage sales, create electronic receipts and manage loyalty schemes. The concept of retail has been made so simple and easy due to the existence of eCommerce that all it takes is an idea and a computer to start a business.


Better Information Access

Now if you want to acquire any sort of information, it just takes a few clicks. There is no need to even move from the place you are, just take out a smartphone type it and google it. According to research in 2020, around 3 billion searches are made every day on Google, and the volume of searches improves by almost 10% every year. Due to advancements in technology, you can find thousands of web pages that fulfill almost all types of search requirements

As there is a proper App now for almost anything that affects our lives. The ease of GPS is not less than a blessing, no matter which part of the world you want to go, it would just take a few clicks on an app like Google Maps to get the information about the best route.



Technological enhancement is a continuous process and in the future, many things would be changed as technology evolves further. The future seems to be more exciting as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is growing at an enormous pace.

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