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The “iPad In Business” Seminars: A Great Resource For Small Businesses?

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Apple recently started promoting the “

The iPad in the Business World

The iPad is changing the way companies of all sizes do business. From handling video communications to supporting email marketing needs, it is being used in a variety of innovative ways. This little gadget is as diverse as they come, and much of this has to do with the vast pool of apps it is able to handle with ease.

Apps in key areas such as connectivity, productivity, and analytics are literally transforming the way businesses operate in and out of the office. More savvy professionals are discovering that they can develop their own apps on the platform to accommodate specific needs. But the beauty of apps is just one of many discussions Apple experts will be ready to take on with the iPad in Business seminars.

Another factor that makes the iPad such a business-friendly tool is its ability to seamlessly integrate into virtually any existing environment. The device supports a variety of standards and protocols, including CalDAV, CardDAV, and IMAP. It is also compatible with IPSec, SSL VPN, and the latest version of WPA, which come in handy for small businesses who need  to connect wirelessly to private network. Even better is the fact that the iPad is equipped to make these integrations as secure possible. Features such as strong encryption, password protection, and usage policies allow small businesses to obtain a peace of mind.

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Price and Schedule

Small businesses operating on a tight budget will probably be delighted to know that the iPad in Business seminars are absolutely free to attend. That’s right. You don’t have to buy a ticket for any of these shindigs.

  • The first one is scheduled to take place on July 26 at 11 am PDT
  • While a second event will happen on August 1 at 11 am PDT.

Apple is encouraging interested parties to make sure they are truly ready to attend by clicking a link that allows them to test the device they will be participating from.

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If you ever wanted to learn how to get more business value out of your iPad, Apple’s upcoming series of seminars is a great place to start. This is your opportunity to receive insights from the experts who know the device and what it takes to maximize its marketing potential.

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