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The Future of Mobile “Live Immersion” Trends with ‘Periscope’ in Picture

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Would you like to visit a place, sitting right at home? Imagine, visiting a place just by watching a live video captured by travelers, without even moving from your couch. This is the power of the Periscope TV app, letting you just switch open an app, start a live video, and move around the place irrespective of where you are located. The live videos are from travelers who are currently moving around the world and shooting things with their smartphone camera.

What we are actually talking about is a live mobile immersion era, wherein you can have a substitute to do things on your behalf. The time is not so far off when we will have apps with people performing tasks on our behalf, in a virtual medium. You might have seen many mobile apps iterations and concepts changing with time. However, 3D live immersion into a smartphone is something that will surely revolutionize the mobile application development industry.

Before we have a brief discussion on the trends, let us see how Periscope works, and what do we actually receive from the app.

Periscope lets you “travel the world” through a smartphone

If we can define in simple words, Periscope is a mobile app, letting you experience the world through someone else’s eyes. It works like teleportation (a magic trick helping magicians vanish from a place, and appear at another place within seconds), wherein you visit a new world within the next second. Imagine, you are based in New York, and the next second you are witnessing a cancer treatment in Tokyo.

This is the power of Periscope that will make you learn, laugh, cry, get angry – letting you experience an emotional roller-coaster of the same feelings, the ones experienced by people actually shooting the video. We have just scratched the surface. Let us try to understand what this app has to offer, and how it can be useful in supporting the trends under discussion.

#1. Bringing a live broadcast on Smartphone

Periscope lets you witness the live broadcast of videos in real time. You can send hearts, as well as comment, once you join.

#2. More popularity gets you on top

The more hearts you receive for your broadcast with increasing popularity, the higher your videos will move up on the screen. You can always help your favorite videos gain popularity, by delivering your heart, and letting others do the same. More hearts keep escalating your video position. Just tap the screen to share your love.

#3. Providing backup for users who have missed

It is not necessary that your broadcast will be seen by every single user. Let replays be available to the ones who have missed the live broadcast.

#4. Keep privacy settings in your broadcasts

Do you want your live videos to be watched only by a specific group of people? Activate the privacy settings to let your video be seen only by a few selected people.

#5. Sharing videos directly on social media

Integrating social sharing icons with every single broadcast will let your viewers share your live streaming videos in real time, on social networking websites (Twitter, in this case).

#6. Managing your notifications choices

Handle notification settings wisely. The apps suggest you follow people who are most likely to impress you with their broadcasts. Once you start following them, you will get notified with all their live broadcasts. Unfollow them if you do not want to see their broadcasts or change preferences in the notification settings.

How apps like Periscope play an instrumental role in ‘defining’ trends?

We just saw the potential of what an app like Periscope could do. If you want to experience it yourself, you need to download it on iOS or Android, or simply check out the company website to have a quick glance. Meanwhile, let us check out the implications of live 3D immersion apps, on the future of mobile apps development, taking Periscope as a reference point.

#1. Virtually visiting a place you’d never ever have thought of

A travel enthusiast will specifically understand the importance of what we are talking about. You might have a checklist of destinations you possibly want to visit, but can’t due to financial or other reasons. The app helps you to visit any place whilst sitting at home, situated in any corner of the world, and explore them from a perspective that is not yours. This makes it even more interesting, just like watching a movie.

#2. Be an eyewitness to an event, celebration, or injustice

Imagine, visiting a tomatino fest in Spain, attending an important wedding in the USA, or participating in an injustice happening in Africa. You can be a part of them all. With the help of this app, you can not only be a part of important events or celebrations all across the globe but also play a vital role in being a key witness of an injustice happened somewhere.

#3. Watching your favorite sports game without visiting the stadium

Are you an avid football or cricket lover? Wish to see your favorite game, but not availed of tickets for it? Just switch on the app, and witness the whole game, shot live by another avid sports game lover. Imagine, you are visiting the actual game, and presenting the same to millions of viewers, through your broadcast. The icing on the cake will be your smartphone camera having the best camera resolution out there.

What have you got to say?

It is pretty much clear to all that mobile live immersion is here to stay for a longer duration. Today you can do most of your things on your smartphone, but 3D live immersion through a smartphone will surely change the way you live. You can perform your daily homely tasks by copying somebody who is doing it live. You can have your office work assignments done rapidly, by interacting with your subordinates, colleagues, or bosses through live immersion.

You can be socially active, by interacting with family, friends, business partners, or helping others through your own videos. These are our thoughts on the future trend of virtual reality. We welcome your valuable thoughts in our comment section below.

Images: ”MONTREAL, CANADA – APRIL 7, 2016 : Periscope application on a cell phone. Periscope is a live video streaming app for iOS and Android developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein.  /


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