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The Perfect Guide To Compress Video Online

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Video files are quite huge, consuming a lot of space in your device. Compressing the video files reduces a lot of space as the file size becomes smaller while retaining the quality. Even after compressing, the new file exactly looks similar to the original one, and the only difference lies in the amount of space it consumes. Many reasons are there indicating why the video files are converted from uncompressed to compressed video files. Well, UniConverter is an excellent video compressor, and before you know how to compress video online with that, take a look at the reasons.

Less Storage Space

Video files are popular content forms that you often receive and are quite huge in size. If the file size is not reduced, your device will not have enough space to keep all of them. Initially, it might not be challenging to store the files if you have only one or two, but with time, when the storage decreases, you will no longer be able to store more video files. In this aspect, if you compress it, the space that the video file consumes would be less. As a result, a user has the freedom to store more files on their device.

Easy To Transfer

Not only does a compressed file consume less space, but also you can transfer it quickly and easily. Moreover, the internet bandwidth required to transfer the video is also less, a significant aspect for users with limited bandwidth. Simultaneously, you also have many other ways to transfer a file after you compress it.

Quicker Writing and Reading Files

The best way to understand this would be with an example, start loading an uncompressed video file and a compressed file. You will notice that the compressed file gets uploaded in a few minutes, while the uncompressed file consumes a lot of time. The same thing applies to write media files. Slower reading and writing speed can frustrate you at some point in time. If you wish to avoid it, compressing a video file is a better alternative you can go with.

Gmail File Storage Limits

If you are a Gmail user, you will know that more than 25 MB files cannot be transferred through Gmail. In this aspect, it becomes challenging for users to transfer a video file, which is more than that. Well, if the video file gets compressed, a Gmail user can send the file easily. It is also easier for Google drive to transfer the video within less time.

Improving File Integrity

Many times, it is seen that an uncompressed file gets corrupted when transferred over the web. But when the same file is compressed and sent, the integrity of the video file is retained. You will receive the file in the same manner as it is sent, a remarkable aspect that one must know before transferring a huge file.

Easy Accessibility

Compressing a video file allows you to send more than one attachment in one mail. Alongside this, the amount of work that you need to do reduces, and accessibility becomes easier. You do not need to send different emails for each file, as you can attach in one.

Enhances the Efficiency

Many users come across issues where their device tends to become slow due to the availability of less space. In this aspect, by compressing the video file, you can eliminate such issues. Besides that, storing and the backup process become quicker even when the file size is more.

Reduces Your Expenses

How can a compressed file reduce your expenses? Well, if you compress a file, less bandwidth is required to transfer it. Along with that, it does not consume more space, which is why you do not need to keep an extra hard disk with you. All such aspects reduce your expenses and are a valid reason you should think of compressing a video file.

Google Drive

When it comes to facilities offered by Google drive, you get 15 GB data storage for free. After that, you need to pay an amount if you wish to increase the limits. But compressing the file will allow you to store more files within this limit. As a result, you do not need to spend an extra amount to increase the storage limit.

The Process

Well, now that you know the reasons why you need to compress a video file, here is a process to be followed to compress a file. The process is specifically with concern to a versatile video compressor, Wondershare UniConverter.

1. Download the Application

First, a user needs to download the application and switch to the video compressor tab. Select on the “+” icon and add the video file that you wish to compress.

2. Open the Video Setting Tab

Go to the bottom of the page; press on the drop-down icon. After that, select “output format” and specify the parameters, like resolution, output format, etc. Here you can also choose the file format if you wish to change it or skip the step.

3. Compress the Video File

After all such aspects are done, proceed to the progress bar, and click on the preview button. All the parameters that you have changed are visible here. If you wish to change anything even after that, you can do it or click on the “compress” button.

4. Save the File

Once the process is done, you can either keep the file saved in Dropbox and use it afterward, or get it saved in the device by specifying the location. The process is simple, and by following the three steps, you can compress the file in some time.

It’s Time To Compress the Video Files!

Well, if you need to download and store any video files in your device frequently, compressing the file is an excellent way. With that, you have the freedom to store more files in your system. Compressing files enhances the system’s efficiency, and working with the files on the web becomes easier. Therefore, if you are looking for a top-class video compressor, UniConverter would be a good choice.

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