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Tips to Enhance Your Online Presence

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Whether you have an established website in your niche, it’s never too late to enhance your online presence. Develop a focused angle on the traffic your website generates by establishing the most suitable sources. Create content that converts visitors to clients and enjoys the benefits your website provides by enhancing your online presence.


Choose the most suitable keywords

The approach to identifying the traffic available to a website in any given niche involves logic, common sense and the help of keyword software. Logic and common sense can be all you need most times but there are plenty of variations and even surprises as to what people type in to search for specific items. Having assistance from software definitely helps to identify many related search terms that will provide a more complete picture of the keyword strategy that follows.

Establish “seed keywords”

“What would your potential clients be typing into  Google to find your business?” The answers that follow are considered the “seed keywords” which represent the first level of keyword research. Take, for example,  a tennis coach operating independently from a club. A coach would need to be listed in searches and found for “tennis lessons.” First level variations to include would be: lessons for tennis; learn tennis; tennis instruction; tennis coach etc.

Add descriptive keywords

Adding more descriptive words to your search term will allow you to focus on a more specific target audience and improve your online presence in a more specific niche. Consider being a tennis coach whose strength is in developing kids to the tournament level. Adding more descriptive terms in the search phrase would allow the tennis coach to attract clients that would help in developing the strongest area of the business. The keyword now becomes “tournament tennis coach” or other variation would include: competitive junior coach, competitive tennis training, tennis lessons for serious players etc.

Add location

It goes without saying, but adding the location is vital to certain businesses in order for the traffic to be relevant to the company. A tennis coach typically operates within a radius of one main location. This means that the best candidates for attending lessons would be those within a driving distance to his location. There’s no sense in being ranked at the top of a search for tennis lessons in NY when the courts are in LA. Being location specific will help businesses eliminate traffic and phone calls from people who will never become clients.

Comparing Values

Establishing descriptive seed keywords may be the most appropriate search terms for a business, but there are more considerations to make to finalize a decision on the most suitable keywords. The quantitative approach requires considering monthly traffic, cost per click and the competition. Each of the categories will impact the results in how well the website performs.

The art of choosing the right keywords is finding the balance that allows your website to perform in all categories. Your site needs to be displayed competitively in searches results to generate an effective level of traffic while providing a high conversion rate from the visitors it receives.

Create killer content

Which comes first the chicken or the egg? Sometimes it’s hard to create the best content if you’re thinking of keywords when you’re writing. If you create content first and then decide on your keywords, you’re doing the best thing for your SEO and strengthening your online presence.

Educate and entertain

Effective content will engage users from start to finish. Create content that is designed to educate, be enjoyed by visitors in order for them to clearly receive the message you are trying to convey. Stay focused on this aspect to keep your mind free from other influences that would affect your attention to quality.

Make use of media

Incorporate video, images and any type of media that enhances the points you’re making. Blocks of text can get boring after a few paragraphs. Keep it lively and stimulating!

Be informative and provide useful insight

A successful company gives its clients an enjoyable experience. Make sure the content on your site is providing the visitor exactly what they need. Put your best foot forward on your homepage when describing the services you provide and be as transparent and detailed as possible.

When visitors feel like they see the whole picture it inspires more confidence to make a decision on who and where they make their purchases. Educate potential clients on the details that will give them insight into what they are buying.

Enhance your online presence

For every local company, it’s important to become a “usual suspect” in search results related to your business. An SEO company gets people to consistently see your name and website appear when performing different searches, so they begin to assume that you are one of the best in the industry. Create a strong online presence in searches closely related to your target key phrase.

Add authority to your domain

In order to create a strong online presence, it’s necessary to get your company name on multiple websites other than your own. When you choose other sites to link back to your own website, choose the websites that will provide give your site authority and trust.

For a website that is just beginning its development, receiving backlinks from review sites and directories are a good way to get started. Create a better online presence with links from websites that are already trusted by Google. Optimizing your backlink profile is required to make them worthwhile. Stay away from low-quality websites.

Monitor reviews of your business

Reviews can make or break the reputation of a company. Websites such as Yelp, BBB or the Complaints Board generate a lot of traffic because of the interest in a third party perspective on a service or company. People are more likely to read the negative reviews over the positive. When a negative review is written about a company and goes unattended, any visitor who reads it will only read the plaintiffs side of the story. It’s vital to a company’s reputation to address every negative review to save potential clients from being turned off to the company.

Provide a response to a negative review

It seems obvious but a lot of companies don’t do this. By simply responding to the negative review it shows your concern for the situation and provides your side of the story. This will leave readers with the conclusion that there is a truth somewhere in between. This concept immediately relieves some of the damage that the negative review can cause.

Contact the dissatisfied customer

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain from trying to resolve an issue a former client had with your service. By reaching out to them you may come to an amicable resolution and get them to retract their complaint.

Contact the webmaster, administration or customer service

If the person doesn’t respond to your efforts to resolve the situation then approach the admin to the website. Googles policy regarding Google reviews is that if there is no response within 60 days, they remove the negative review. Most websites have similar policies so be sure to explore this option as removal is the best outcome of all.


Enhancing your online presence is done through a variety of search engine optimization tactics. By following these tips and guidelines you will enjoy seeing the results in a website that performs better in the search results.

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