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How Sharepoint Development Acts As a Great Tool for Business Collaboration

Sharepoint Development Acts As a Great Tool for Business CollaborationImage Credit:

Microsoft SharePoint has been in the market since 2001 and is considered to be one of the top business collaboration resources today. With more than 2,50,000 companies installing SharePoint in their organization, it is a great means to connect the workplace that offers a hassle free sharing of information and knowledge and also a secured environment to the users. Companies use SharePoint development primarily to store documents that require secure access, control the workflow, allocate tasks to various departments from design to printing or video filming.

SharePoint is a mature enterprise level platform offering collaboration capabilities in addition to project as well as content management. Both collaboration and communication are the core points for successful and growth ready businesses.  As companies expand geographically, the teams have to coordinate over different continents and also varied time zones. It is for them, that simply sharing the same document repository is no more a great option.

Nowadays, many organizations have started to offer remote work to their staff, but such work comes with specific challenges and should be addressed with dedicated tools. The real issue is not in finding the best option for each job, but to find a solution that can simplify the task instead of adding more hassles.

How effective is SharePoint development in such a case? Let’s find out more details about the ways it can help teams collaborate:

Team Only Access:

One core feature of Microsoft SharePoint development is exclusivity. Unless it is properly restricted by the admin, any employee can access and create a SharePoint instance. Once the application is created, the admin can decide who can participate, what access the participants will be allowed and how long SharePoint instance will exist.

Only users who are specifically designated and authorized can access the documents that are located on their SharePoint server. This allows the employees with high flexibility to have SharePoint instances for departments, divisions, teams or even for themselves. It allows the team to adjust the access to the server depending on the flow of the work.

Simultaneous Editing Of a Document:

Another important feature of SharePoint is that it uses the synchronization protocols as Microsoft OneDrive. So each and every document and every edited file are saved instantaneously to the cloud. It is from that central storage that the documents are updated to all the devices and workstations that are connected to the network. This helps to keep the team members updated at all times.

Any document stored on the SharePoint server enables more than one team member to easily edit, access and mark a document at the same time.  The team members can easily collaborate to formulate the files or documents by breaking them into sections or tasks. SharePoint development helps to stitch together the documents cohesively as they work.

Central Virtual Location:

Once the SharePoint development company has created an instance, it becomes the central virtual location where the team members can easily meet. Not only can the users share the documents that are stored there, but they can also chat, set up and complete a task, compare the calendar and arrange a video conference via Skype. They can also exchange emails that are exclusive to the SharePoint server. Meeting space is also available to the members so that they can easily collaborate as they travel. The shared space means that the team members can easily connect with each other regardless of their geo-location.

Simplify Everyday Business Activities And Manage Content:

With SharePoint development, you can take advantage of out of the box workflows for tracking, reporting and initiating common business activities.  You can easily complete these activities without any coding and tight integration with other client applications that offer you with a consistent and simple experience.

Online business users and content editors can easily create and submit the content for approval and also schedule the deployment to the internet and intranet sites. With SharePoint development, managing multilingual content is simplified by new document library templates that are designed to maintain a relationship between the multiple translations and the original version of the document.

Helps Employees To Make Informed Decisions:

SharePoint application often makes it very easy to create interactive business intelligence portals that display critical information from various sources, using integrated BI capabilities. These include dashboards, key performance indicators, web parts, and business data connectivity technologies.  The centralized Report Centre offers the users a single storage area to locate the latest spreadsheets, reports or KPIs.

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