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The New Age of 3D Customization with Full Color Sandstone

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Maybe you’re considering investing in a 3D printer. You’ve seen countless YouTube videos of all the crazy items you can make. You’ve seen that not only adults can use 3D printers, but children too! You’ve seen how engineers can even 3D print an entire car, and you are starting to feel those creative juices flowing. All of the endless ideas are spinning in your head, and that 3D printing itch needs to be scratched. You know you need a 3D printer, a program to tell your 3D printer how to print your items, and color to make your 3D printed item come to life. When it comes to coloring, there are many options, but by far, the best option is Full Color Sandstone.

What Is It?

Full Color Sandstone is a type of material made from powder that looks like sandstone. Once you start printing your item in your 3D printer, the powder spreads out in layers according to your design. Each layer of powder is colored with one of the hundreds of thousands of colors available, glued together, and then the printer sweeps back over to build the next layer. Once your item finishes printing and drying, the excess powder is dusted off and dipped in a liquid to make the item stronger.

What Are the Benefits of Full Color Sandstone?

Let’s start with the name: Full Color. That means any color you can imagine (and possibly some colors you haven’t imagined yet!) can be printed. Not only is Full Color Sandstone the absolute best option to make your 3D printed dreams a reality, but there are also so many other things that make it stand above other materials like versatile plastic. First of all, it’s cost-effective. Printing with Full Color Sandstone will not break your bank account when printing your items in bulk. Second, by printing in Full Sandstone Color, you can reduce the amount of waste created because any leftover powder can be saved for future products. But, the home run hit with Full Color Sandstone is how many options you have when it comes to customizing your 3D printed items.

Why Is Full Color Sandstone Undoubtedly Better for Customization?

Frankly, if you aren’t printing your 3D models with Full Color Sandstone, you will not be unlocking your 3D printed items full potential. Gone are the days where you only get to print in the standard seven colors of the rainbow. I’m not saying the rainbow is bad, but why not go somewhere over the rainbow and receive over 300,000 color choices instead? Sometimes less is more, but not in this case. If you want to print your 3D printed item in 14 different shades of red, you have hundreds of red types to choose from. Full Color Sandstone is important for regular 3D printed objects. However, it comes into play, no pun intended, with toys.

Can’t I Just Buy My Toys From the Store?

Sure, you can. And I can also buy a box of cookies from the store. Are store-bought cookies as satisfying as warm, gooey, homemade chocolate chip cookies made with love? Absolutely not. It’s the exact same thing when you compare buying mass-produced toys from a big-box store and individually crafted, 3D printed toys that you make with love. These are the kind of toys that are truly your toys. They aren’t toys made for everyone with no unique qualities about them. They are as unique as you are, as your kids are, and as your families are.

Is There Any Value in Mass-Produced Toys?

I guess it depends on your opinions about store-bought cookies. They are only a placeholder for what you truly want. When you have a toy from a big-box store, you probably can think of at least one thing that you wish was different. Maybe you like the car figurine you bought for your future Nascar driver, but you wish the flame’s details on the side of it were red instead of blue. Maybe you wanted the doll you bought for your future doctor to have brown eyes instead of blue ones it comes with to match your child’s eyes. Perhaps you hate the color of the toy altogether, but it was the only type of toy available. The frustration of needing a light blue Lego block when you only have dark blue Legos is real. It’s even worse when you have a light blue Lego block, but it’s not the right size. The frustration only gets worse when buying your favorite Funko POP! character falls short because you absolutely hate the color of the shirt they are wearing. You aren’t able to get the same type of customization when it comes to colors. Big-box toy companies are only concerned with making as many toys as they can, as fast as they can, and as cheaply as possible. Why? So they can charge you as much as they can. But, it doesn’t need to be like this.

What’s the Solution?

3D printed toys, of course! Companies like Little You want you to know there is a different way to create toys that you will love. Why? They are toys just for you, made by you. Little You want you and your kids to create toys that are 100% customized. From the color of the skin, hair, and eyes to the clothes you pick out for the toys you design and get 3D printed, it’s all customized for you by Full Color Sandstone. While big-box, commercial toy companies can only make one type of toy, companies like Little You can make 50 different types of toys in a single batch entirely customized with Full Color Sandstone.

In the world we live in, we get to customize everything from the color of the walls we paint in our houses to the coffee drink orders we make. It’s time for toys to start being the same way.

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