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Enhance Your Presentation with These State of the art Gadgets

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Presentations can be difficult and time consuming to place together. It is essential to ensure your message is getting across to your audience in your presentation. One of the biggest worries of presenters is the tech itself and if it will work on the day. Having great equipment to use in your presentation can help elevate your presentation to the next level. Not only will it help deal with on the day nerves, but gadgets and tech can help you create a better experience for your audience.  

Putting together presentations can be quite a chore. Where to draw the line without overloading your audience with information is a true craft in itself. Using presentation templates can ease the stress and help guide you to better and more concise slides that convey your message clearly, but here is a range of technology that can enhance your presentations.

Denon Kudo

Denon professionals have come up with an intelligent presentation hub for the fast-paced world of business communications. The Kudo is a tabletop device that is designed to remove frustration from setting up tech for presentations. The Kudo is easy to use, and the only set up it requires is to connect the Kudo to a projector or monitor via an HDMI cord, which will then mirror your computer or phones screen via a wireless connection between your screen and the device. 

Measuring in at 6 inches across and 3.5 inches high, the Kudo enhances meeting spaces. The device offers ultra-high-definition displays thanks to its support of 4K, 2K and 3D video signals for compatible displays. The device also comes with a remote control which provides simple operation. The Android-powered Kudo allows the presenter to download content and web browsers, talk to clients and complete digital signage applications. It also comes with two USB ports. These will enable users to connect cameras and different types of hardware to the device.

(Source-Denon Kudo)


Richo’s Theta S handheld camera

The Theta S is a handheld camera that captures a 360degree view. The technology of this caliber can aid in remote working situations. The camera gives the audience a sense of feeling like they are in the presentation room. The camera is capable of taking still images and long movies, giving you the highest quality from their range of products ever. The handheld camera offers HD live streaming while being controlled from your smartphone via an app. 

The 360-degree spherical capture allows your subjects to gain a clear understanding of your presentation, no matter how far. However, this device is more than just a camera. It offers a mic and a speaker for presentation use and can be mounted on a tripod not only to share content but also to record content which can later be uploaded for educational and reference purposes.

(Source- Richo’s)

Lenovo Yoga tablet 3 pro

Although it is a tablet that has many different types of functionalities, its primary function, which makes it great for presenting is its built-in, rotatable projector. The projector can display up to 70 inches wide, making presenting on the go easy. The tablet also comes with a kickstand which once the release button is pressed popos out to prop the tablet up on the tablet or hang it from a wall. The projector is a 50-lumen DLP projector on a rotating hinge. Presenting with this tablet can help you save time as users will not need to move their presentations onto multiple devices and will be able to present from one device. 

(Source- Lenovo)

Smart Kapp

Smart Kapp is a share as you go whiteboard which a dry -erase marker. The way it works is by using a smart whiteboard that connects via a mobile app. Those who are invited to view your board will gain access to it from around the world and watch you scribble your way around it. The app also allows you to save notes to your smartphones, tablet, and PC with a simple tap and will enable users to share their notes with up to 250 people at once. The Kapp app library stores and organizes notes to the device, which means you can always go back to them when needed. This type of technology can help presenters share valuable information in real-time, even with those who do not have access to cameras or viewing facilities and are on the go. 

(Source-Smart Kapp)

Future Technology

As industries and market areas become increasingly saturated, good tech is a must. Presentations can be lifted and changed with the use of gadgets. They can help your audience engage better with your presentation. Gadgets and technology can also help presenters relay their message in clearer pitches. Requirements like this are integral to any organization today. It can make all the difference to your audience, especially if you are pitching to investors. Being able to clearly see and hear products that are demonstrated can have huge financial gains. Investors can better understand what you are pitching to invest in products or services.

Another technology on the horizon is the use of augmented reality and virtual reality in presentions. The use of technology like this has the potential to change the presentation landscape, especially for industries that are product dependent. Presenters can use AR and VR to give investors an insight into what their product functionalities without needing it physically. This is great for industries such as construction where equipment can be not only costly but bulky to carry around. For this reason, it is important to consider the tech that you use when presenting. We all have the fear of our gadgets and technology not working on the day. However, the tech discussed above will not only ease the process for you but it will also make life easier and your presentation seamless.

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