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How Can Pentaho Rescue You from Workflow Challenges?

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Companies have been losing 20 to 30% in revenue every year due to the business efficiencies, according to the market research firm IDC. As more technologies arise and new methods of working are implemented, it becomes difficult to manage the workforce to operate smoothly.

Of course, no business is without a few workflow issues but after a point, these problems could loom over your organization restricting its growth. Pentaho is a successful pentaho data integration and data analytics software by Hitachi that comes with cloud services. If you are wondering how a data analytics tool like Pentaho could solve your everyday workflow challenges, read on to find out its active applications.

Bringing Together the Independent Systems

Gathering the insights from data isn’t a simple streamlined task. Much work goes in gathering the data, structuring them and analyzing them with proper tools not to mention the last stage of report generation. Many companies use two or more platforms to attend to all these words which end up taking a lot of the employees’ time in switching between the different processes, thereby affecting their productivity.

When the systems don’t ‘talk’ to each other, then it is evident that the employees don’t too. As the number of employees increases, so will the number of teams and departments which bring many divisions across the organization. The data fetched by one department may be lost on the other departments or the valuable insights that could benefit multiple teams could be left unshared.

All of this eventually dulls the progress of the organization and the best way to bring the people together is to give them a collaborative platform where all their required tools and integrations are in place.

Pentaho is one such cloud platform where all the employees could save the data, share and access it seamlessly. The data will be available to all along with the tools for analytics. Teams can collaborate to orchestrate the ETL tasks, share the loads among them, define flows and prepare for execution. By integrating all the data necessities on a single platform of Pentaho and the other software integrations, employees can work on a single-window without working between multiple stages and tools.

Decreasing Wastage of Time by Automating Tasks

When the employees have to manually work with each stage of the data analytics, collection, and processing, it doesn’t do much to increase their efficiency. Some of these tasks are so mundane that the data analysts soon lose interest in the work.

To keep their work exciting and focus on the critical task of gathering valuable insights, automating as many tasks as one can is essential. Some of the stages in data gathering and processing that can be automated be simplified and automated. These processes generally take up much time before the analysis and when this is automated, this leaves a lot of free time for data analysts to work in parallel among various other sets of data.

You can design the models and create a data flow according to your data requirements in Pentaho. Automating tasks and setting up data workflow is pretty much simplified that not a lot of technical knowledge is required for it. Pentaho also offers tools to visualize the workflow easily, make changes to it directly as and when needed and keep your data flowing. You can also design complex workflows with Pentaho and when this is done right, it could boost productivity significantly.

Simple Visualization to Merge the Technical Gap

One of the hardest parts of data analysis is in conveying the results of the analysis in a language understandable to the decision-makers. Most of the decision-makers, the ones in higher management, aren’t familiar with the technical data analytics terms and it is essential to convey the message unlocked from the data to them. Else, the efforts of the analysis will go futile.

Pentaho has excellent reporting and visualization tools that help the data analysts to present the conclusion of the analysis in an easy-to-understand form. A picture speaks better than a thousand words and hence, these visualization tools will eliminate the technical jargon and brings the insights plainly and simply that everyone in the higher management understands.

The gap between the middle and upper management has always been somewhat of unconquered territory. However, the right tools from Pentaho can easily be salvaged and everyone can get on the same page in understanding what the data conveys.

Pentaho is a business intelligence tool that serves as a solution for the most common data workflow challenges. As it is an open-source platform, many more such features of Pentaho are expected which further help the organizations in maximizing their productivity, capturing accurate data insights and removing business challenges.

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