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Must-Have Apps for Apple Watch in 2021

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So, you have purchased an apple watch after longing for a while. But you don’t know what apps you need to install on the apple watch. Don’t worry, as we have brought to you some of the must-have apps you can install in your apple watches. These apps can help you stay fit, automate your home systems, and travel the world.

Best sports and fitness apps for Apple Watch

If you are a fitness freak and want to keep track of your fitness activities daily, the following are some of the apps that can help you achieve your goals.

  1. Nike run club – if you have purchased the Nike version of the apple watch, you can find this app already installed on your wrist. However, you can also download the same from the app store if you don’t have that. The interface is fit to screen and shows your running info.
  2. MyFitnessPal – This is another fitness app for apple watches. Both free and premium versions are available on the app store. The app is just a bit more than just tracking your run and ride info. It also keeps a tab on your calorie and breaks them into detailed proteins, carbs, and fat. This helps you to check your diet intake and training requisites.
  3. Sworkit – If you are looking for an app that tops these two apps, Sworkit is the one for you. It is also called the king of exercise apps. You can select the body part you want to work with and set the duration. It provides essential instructions to select from different exercise routines like cardio, yoga, or bodybuilding.
  4. Forza Football – this great app allows you to trach the latest results of your favorite teams and check their performance in real time. But if you are a fan of traditional approach, you can always visit Buaksib to check livescore and watch the most fascinating moments of recent football matches.

Best smart home Apple Watch apps

Apple watch is built for more than just calling, sending texts, and track fitness. You can now control your home appliances like electronic items, HVAC, and others with your apple watch. You can download the following app to make your apple watch the control center.

Total Connect is designed to help you out in maintaining multiple control centers. So, you can access the lights, HVAC, cars, and other electronic items with the internet of your home, vacation home, and even stores. You can adjust thermostats and shades with the touch of a single push button.

The app is developed by Honeywell that allows you to control the doors of your home, garages, and even cars. Furthermore, you can record clips from your security cameras and chat with any person at your front gate. Instant alerts, voice recording, GPS, and other functionalities make this app the perfect match for any apple watch owner to automate their home devices and control them remotely.

Best Travel apple watch apps

So, you are a travel junkie and own an apple watch. There are more than just maps that you can use the apple watches for. You can download the following apps to turn your apple watch into your travel buddy.

  1. Citymapper – with the press of few buttons, the app allows you to find nearby public spots and transport. You can easily access the routes and addresses by tapping a few buttons. You can save addresses on your iPhone and sync them with the app to find arrivals and departures of public transport near the address.
  2. iTranslate – this is a utility app if you plan on visiting a foreign land. You can use the app’s premium version to detect any language by switching on the microphone and translating it to your native language.
  3. Find near me – this app is rated the highest among many users. This comes in handy to find ATMs, cafes, restaurants, and other essential services in the vicinity.
  4. Antivirus – everyone knows that having an antivirus on your computer is crucial these days. But most people don’t realize that the rules are the same for their mobile devices. That’s why we want to emphasize the importance of having an antivirus on your iOS device. No matter which one you’ll choose – Avast, Norton or McAfee, just install one or check reviews on antivirusly. Any modern software will protect your financial data and personal sensitive information so don’t hesitate to install it on your phone.

So, these are some of the apps that we find interesting and helpful in your daily life. You can check the app store for more such apps for the apple watch.

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