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Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends To Consider

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Since Smartphone have entered the technology scene, they have become our companions. Increasing dependence of people on smart phones has resulted in many appreneurs outsourcing their innovative app projects to leading Indian app developers. Not to forget, both users and developers are benefitted from these ideas. The strategies that companies implemented for mobile apps last year will not work for 2020. Companies need to adopt the latest industry trends to deliver an efficient app to their clients.

Without much further ado, here are the top 7 mobile app trends that will dominate in 2020!

Machine Learning & AI

AI is already a hit among the people. The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about AI is virtual assistants like Siri and photo filtering apps like FaceApp. In 2020, AI is expected to play a more active role in our lives. Machine learning and AI practically go hand-in-hand. They can learn entire user activities and behaviors from their daily usage and apply necessary actions without any guidance. Once the combination of AI and IoT is implemented, you won’t even have to tap your fingers to get work done.

Some of the future AI trends are as follows:

  • Predicting user behavior
  • AI integration with IoT
  • AIOps for automated IT functions
  • Smart camera with subject identification
  • High app reliability for cyber security
  • Language & voice translations

Internet of Things

Nobody had expected that the Internet would become such an integral part of our lives! Just when we thought the Internet couldn’t become more important – enters IoT! Let’s say you are already out of the house, but realized midway that you forgot to lock the house. With IoT you can lock the house from anywhere you are. All you need is an IoT powered app on your smartphone and an active internet connection.

Not only house or workspace, you will be able to control pretty much everything with IoT systems. IoT is believed to be a game changing technology in the world of mobile apps.

Some of the future IoT trends are as follows:

  • Smart home & cities
  • Smart & self-driving automobiles
  • AI powered IoT devices
  • IoT in healthcare

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

AR & VR have already established themselves as game changers in the video and gaming industry. But it is just a matter of time before AR & VR start playing a significant role in our everyday lives. In 2020, you can expect more and more AR-VR app ideas turning into completely functional mobile apps.

AR and VR can prove to be beneficial for industries like tourism, education, healthcare, retail, and marketing, etc. Furthermore, you can expect these technologies to be seen on social media platforms for branding as well as targeting potential customers. Instagram and Snapchat have already released AR filters.

Some of the future AR & VR trends are as follows:

  • AR-based virtual user manual
  • VR based exploration activities
  • VR based live concerts and music festivals
  • AR-based destination navigator
  • AR and VR based visual learning

Beacon Technology

Beacons are wireless transmitters that use Bluetooth technology to send signals. Whenever your device enters a Beacon’s zone, the particular app will instantly get a signal and appropriate notifications are provided to the user. As it is user-friendly, people can easily get used to it. Industries such as hotels, healthcare, and museums have already embraced the Beacon technology. Apart from that, Beacon technology can prove to be extremely beneficial in the marketing field as well. In simple terms, Beacon technology-enabled app will show you where you can find your desired products, their costs, and other specifications.

Some of the future Beacon technology trends are as follows:

  • Beacon in physical games
  • Beacon enabled mobile payments
  • Beacon in healthcare
  • Beacon in travels & tourism

5G Wireless Technologies

5G is not only one of the top mobile app development trends in 2020 but it will be of great importance beyond 2020 too. The speed of 5G network is undoubtedly 100 times faster than 4G network. The transition from 4G network to 5G network is expected to happen by the end of 2020. To take advantage of the latest 5G technology, some mobile companies like Samsung and Verizon are already planning to launch dedicated 5G-capable chips. As the scope of 5G services is increasing, the app developers should design the apps so that users can enjoy the increased network speed.

The other functionalities that 5G networks will serve in correspondence to apps are:

  • Data security
  • 3D gaming
  • Augmented reality

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has way more scope than what we know right now. Most people know about blockchain only due to cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is actually a decentralized database in which the chain of blocks is present on more than a single PC at the same time. It is a constant process. When new data is added, the old blocks are saved and everybody gets a copy of the whole database. It is pretty clear that this technology will prevent data breach and creation of fake documents. Many online wallets and smart ledgers are using Blockchain right now. If you are hesitant to make payments using credit cards then use Blockchain enabled mobile payment app.

Some of the future Blockchain technology trends are as follows:

  • Trading on cryptocurrency exchange
  • Asset tokenization
  • Blockchain as a service (BaaS)
  • Blockchain in anti-piracy

Wearable Devices

The best thing about wearables is that they can be controlled through various mobile apps. Wearables have played a huge role in people’s interaction with smart devices. Looking at the huge potential of wearables, it is highly recommended that mobile apps should support wearable technology. Right now, if an app is made to function on wearable devices, the wearable needs to be close to the smartphone. But if IoT is integrated in wearables, they can be operated from a remote location too.

Some of the future wearables trends are as follows:

  • Virtual assistant in contact lenses
  • Mind reading glasses
  • Rise in the use of fitness trackers


As the competition is on a rise, it is important to know about the latest trends to stay ahead in the game. Of course, every new technology or trend has its own share of pros and cons. Take your time and carry out a detailed research on each of these trends and then choose one to implement in your dream app project!

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