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Microsoft 70-744 Exam Is Your Way to Obtain MCSE: Core Infrastructure Certification

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Providing server security solutions is one of the Microsoft core areas. This is done through certain steps such as implementing threat detection solutions and securing of Windows Server environments. This is the work of those professionals who have gone through rigorous Microsoft training and have passed required exams. One of the tests that prepare the candidates to undertake these tasks is Microsoft 70-744. This is the Securing Windows Server 2016 exam that leads to the MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification. There are several tests that are associated with this credential. The students are required to pass any of them to attain this certificate. You’re going to learn more about the Microsoft 70-744 exam and how you can prepare for and pass it.

Microsoft 70-744 Exam Details

This is the MCSE certification exam with about 40-60 questions. The exam questions can appear in a number of formats that are drag and drop, multiple choice, build a list, case study, scenario questions, and review screen. Before you sit for the test, you need to have scheduled it with the help of Pearson VUE. You’re also required to pay the exam fee of $165.

Microsoft 70-744 Exam Prerequisites

Before you register for this certification exam, you need to have any of the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 or MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certificates. This is a prerequisite for earning MCSE: Core Infrastructure.

Microsoft 70-744 Exam Preparation

Most exam candidates across the world find Microsoft tests a bit difficult. This is especially true for the expert-level exams like this one. It’s true that passing them is possible but not easy. What does this mean to you as an applicant? It means that you have to adopt the best exam preparation strategies if you’re going to pass Microsoft 70-744 at the first attempt. You need the right mindset, right preparation tools, and commitment to pass your exam successfully. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for and pass your certification test:

1. Register and Begin Your Exam Preparation Early

How long you take to prepare for your exam determines how ready you’ll be when the time to appear for it arrives. It’s good to give yourself some ample preparation time. A few weeks may not be enough to cover the exam content. You’ll need some time to learn the topics of the test and go through them step by step. Beginning early will save you from the trouble of having to rush through your studies and missing out key things.

2. Understand What Your Exam Will Test You On

The Microsoft 70-744 exam has a few objectives that you must know. These are topics and concepts that you must be familiar with before taking your test. Besides, it’s not just enough to know the topics, you have to go into greater depth in covering them. You have to understand each subject and acquire the skills needed to carry out specific technical tasks. Here are the objectives of this Microsoft certification exam:

  • Implementing server hardening solutions
  • Securing a virtualization infrastructure
  • Implementing security that’s workload-specific
  • Managing privileged identities
  • Securing a network infrastructure
  • Implementing threat detection related solutions

3. Enroll for Microsoft 70-744 Exam Training Course

A qualified course instructor will guide you better on the requirements of your Microsoft exam. Remember that they are trainers who have experience teaching these exam objectives for many years. Through the courses, you can also interact with your teacher. This makes it possible for you to understand concepts even better. The courses can be classroom or online. You can choose your preferred method. Here are some of the recommended training tutorials. They include:

  • Course 20744C: Securing Windows Server 2016 instructor-led training
  • Windows 2016 Server Security Features online training

4. Revise with Microsoft 70-744 Study Guides

Study guides such as the Official Microsoft Guide for the 70-744 exam give you detailed objective reviews, case scenarios, and thought experiments. This approach helps you maximize your exam performance and sharpen your skills for your job roles.

5. Practice with Past Microsoft 70-744 Questions and Answers

This is another tested and reliable way to prepare for your Microsoft exam. Past questions and answers are also called braindumps or practice tests. They have been put together and uploaded online so that the candidates preparing for the 70-744 exam can access them easily. These tests have also been verified by the experts to ensure that they are up-to-date and valid for this particular certification test. They help you know the nature of the exam and the best way to answer the questions. They also assist you to measure how far you are in understanding the study material. The good thing is that you can use them as many times as you want. Check your exam preparedness level by downloading the practice tests from ExamSnapand using them.

6. Practice with Microsoft Self-Paced Labs for 70-744Exam

These self-paced labs are hands-on and free. You can access and use them anytime you want. They’ll help you acquire so much needed Cloud skills to perform your Windows Server 2016 security-related tasks. You can access these labs on the Internet. Make sure you search for the ones that are related to Windows Server 2016.

Job Roles after Earning MCSE: Core Infrastructure

After you’ve passed your Microsoft 70-744 exam and earned the MCSE credential, you can work in any of the following job roles:

  • System administrator
  • Computer support specialist
  • System architect
  • Senior server administrator


By sitting for and passing your Microsoft 70-744 exam, you’ll have validated your skills in running an efficient and modern data center. Other skill areas that you’ll master are identity management, networking, virtualization, and storage. Your MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification will show that you’re efficient, reliable, and can be trusted as a professional. This increases your chances of getting employment and promotions. This step will move your IT career to the next level.

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