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6 Advantages of Choosing The MacBook Pro

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There are basic features you should look for and take note of when choosing a laptop, such as the processor, memory, graphic display, and even aesthetic features. A laptop can either improve your work efficiency or slow it down.

The physical design may be the last one on your checklist, but the best thing about Apple’s line of MacBook models is that they build their units with quality hardware specs inside a sleek and sophisticated chassis. These machines possess beauty and power, which makes it appealing to businesses and creative professionals alike.

Are you looking to purchase a MacBook Pro but still have some reservations? Below, we have a rundown of the benefits of buying this powerhouse of a laptop over PCs and other brands. Let’s get started!

Best High-Definition Screen Display

The MacBook Pro with LED-backlit Retina display possesses one of the most stunning screens in the market. It’s one of Apple’s key selling propositions, which also makes it distinct among its competition. The Retina display pertains to the high resolution and pixel density of the screen. This provides a superior user experience compared to laptops with inferior displays.

This feature is crucial, especially for creative professionals like photographers, graphic artists, photo and video editors, and filmmakers who need to see accurate colors on their work laptops. Business professionals who spend countless hours in front of the screen will also find the Retina display comforting thanks to its clearer and crisper images that help reduce eyestrain.

Powerful Operating System

One of the most attractive and relevant upsides of purchasing a Mac is its operating system, the macOS. Below are some of the best features of Mac’s operating system:

The macOS is less vulnerable to viruses and malware.

The system interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Those who are already using an iPhone or iPad will find familiarity using MacBook Pro.

Integration is also swift and seamless between macOS computers and iOS-running mobile devices. You can start a task on any iOS device and pick up where you left off on your MacBook easily.

Since Apple is a software developer and device manufacturer, they optimize its operating systems to work harmoniously with its hardware components.

With fewer security risks and attacks, simple interface, and better software-hardware operations, macOS cultivates a smoother experience for users.

Better Battery Performance

Mobility is one of the reasons why people purchase and use laptops. Aside from the weight and size considerations, battery performance is a strong selling point of these devices. On average, a laptop on a single charge should last from around 2–3 hours to as high as 7–8 (or more) hours. The good thing is that the mighty MacBook Pros can last hours on their own.

Both 13-inch models have up to 10 hours of battery life, while the 16-inch model is capable of lasting up to 11 hours. Take note that battery performance still depends on different factors, including app usage, external temperature, and lifecycle.

Durable Keyboard and Trackpad

The latest MacBook Pro’s “scissor” keyboard mechanism, which is more reliable and has a familiar feel for users, reduces the chances of possibly suffering from stuck keys. Previous generations, which utilized the butterfly mechanism, aren’t so bad either. Its silicone layer underneath each key helps prevent debris from falling in. This is also quieter and softer to press compared to other brands.

Meanwhile, MacBook Pro’s Force Touch trackpad brings better control and usability for users. It has precise cursor control and pressure-sensing capabilities, which allows Force clicks and Multi-Touch gestures. The trackpad is more convenient and comfortable to use, eliminating the need for a mouse, even when editing photos, compared to other laptop models.

High-End Look and Feel

Of course, function will always outweigh form, but it’s worth giving credit to Apple for taking the time to build a powerful machine that embodies cutting-edge aesthetics. Additionally, most Windows laptops feel chunky and don’t look as sleek as a MacBook.

There may be equally great laptops out there with just the same price tag and the right features you’re looking for. But, it’s hard to deny that MacBook Pros don’t only perform great, but also look and feel great.

Macbooks Last for a Long Time

This doesn’t solely apply to MacBook Pros, but all MacBook models in general. A well-cared-for MacBook Pro should last users a long time, around seven years on average. If the machine fails a user, they can always go to an Apple Store to sort it out.

Every component of a MacBook is optimized to work together, allowing the machine to run smoothly throughout its lifespan. Meanwhile, a Windows laptop is a product of different parts from various original equipment manufacturers, which makes processing difficult and renders it less efficient over time.

Over to you

It’s always best to take into account the specifications first before the aesthetics. MacBook Pro models exhibit both, making them a wise choice over its competition.

Apple has a roster of high-performing MacBook Pros, albeit there’s no denying that it comes at a cost. Knowing what you’re getting (i.e., competitive features and industrial design) makes the price tag easier to justify.

However, if you don’t have the budget but still want a MacBook Pro to boot, there’s an affordable solution: refurbished MacBooks. The main difference of a brand new and refurbished MacBook Pros is the price—the latter costs less. You can put them side-by-side and see no difference in performance.

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