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How Julia is Giving Competition to Python

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There are various programming languages that are used by various professionals to develop many programs, software, and models. Hence, these are the languages that are helping the professionals to execute their tasks in such a simple way. These programming languages allow them to design and develop software or arrange some sort of data in a proper manner. Therefore, these programming languages are used quite widely as these are to make your work simple and sorted. All these programming languages have their own specific use and therefore, these are used to perform any specific category of tasks only.

Some languages like C, C++, and Java are used to develop software, apps, and models whereas there are some other programming languages like .NET, and HTML that is used to develop web applications. Thus, all kinds of programming languages have their own use as they are best suited to execute the specific task. Python has been one of the best programming languages in the past few years as it offers various advantages to the users. The professionals working on such technology or programming language are able to perform their tasks in a much efficient manner as this programming language makes their task look simple and easy going.

The compilation and the execution of the program written by using the Python language are way different from the others. It is also advisable that if you are entering the field of data science, then it is required for you to learn Python language as it is a kind of general-purpose programming language and also has a wide range of libraries that can be used by the user to get his/her work done. And there are many people all across the globe that will be suggesting this same thing to the newcomers.

One of the programming languages that coincides with Python is the R language. It is one of the optimum methods to perform data wrangling and creating models. The speed and the features to perform such tasks in an efficient manner makes R language a perfect solution to all the problems that come in the way while working in the field of data science. Hence, there will be a never-ending debate that which programming language is better among Python and the R language.

The introduction of a new programming language named Julia in the field of programming languages has made many new things possible. Basically, Julia is a scientific computing programming language that is quite similar to the R language as the working of both these programming languages is the same and also quite comparable. But there are a few advantages that make Julia much more performance. It also works as a general-purpose programming language similar to the python which makes it more flexible and suitable for various other application domains. Hence, all these features and advantages of Julia make it much more popular among the users.

Although R language is a kind of programming language that is used for scientific computing and statistical operations but Julia is an advanced level of programming language that offers their users to use it for carrying out various operations and tasks as this is a kind of programming language that can be optimized in a way that can allow the users to use this programming language for many other applications. This programming language has brought a great revolution in the field of IT solutions as this programming has featured various important and popular things that are experienced while using Python, MATLAB, and R language. Hence, Julia can give its users the experience of all these three programming languages in one.

Thus, this makes this programming language a complete package of features, flexibility, and beneficial over other programming languages. There are various other interesting facts about Julia that are making this programming language quite popular among the professionals as the data scientists, hire python developers, coders, web application developers, and many others are using this programming language to carry out their working and also are very happy while using this programming language to accomplish their task. Some of the features and advantages of Julia has been listed below-

  1. Get your data on your browser – There are many professionals that are using R studio on the command line, but Julia box is one of the best alternatives to transfer their work on to the lord. Julia Box offers a way to run Julia notebooks on the browser which helps the user to save his/her work onto his/her browser that can be accessed later when needed. In other words, it is a feature that allows the user to save code scripts with its original documents at one place only which is a kind of a document saved with its code of execution at one place only.

  2. High Performance – As we know that Julia has been developed to easily get optimized to carry out different tasks and operations. And this optimization requires high-speed performance to get executed. Therefore, the developer’s team of Julia has also provided a proven report of this fact showing that Julia is quite faster in performance as compared to other programming languages. For this experiment, they executed some tasks of simple recursive Fibonacci implementation, which resulted that the Julia is 40 times faster than Python, 100 times faster than R language, and around 1000 times faster than MATLAB.

  3. Improved visualizations – Julia offers some of the great features for graphic designers and there are various codes and scripts that can be used to enhance the visuals and graphics. Hence, this feature can be used to improve the graphics and visualization of websites or converted images. There are also some tools that can be used for the purpose of panning, cropping, zooming, and toggling right off the bat.

  4. Data frames – A great feature named “Data frames” has been there with Julia. This package helps the user to import and export CSV files. Thus, this package makes a few things easier for the users to execute.

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