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Is Life Still Good? Everything You Need to Know About Buying LG Phones After the Company Ceases Trading

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No, LG itself hasn’t entirely disappeared from its scene; it is simply its mobile phone business that the South Korean tech giant has shut. Back in April 2021, LG announced its decision to wind down smartphone manufacturing in favor of focusing more attention on numerous “growth areas”.

Those include “electric vehicle components, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and business-to-business solutions”, with LG adding that it anticipated fully closing its mobile phone division by the end of July 2021. So, should you still consider buying an LG handset?

What has LG itself said about the future for LG phones?

Even in its press release, LG conceded that “inventory of some existing models may still be available” after July 2021. Today, it’s not hard to find a broad selection of LG mobile phones online, including used and refurbished units.

Would this be the green light for you to buy an LG smartphone model that particularly draws your attention? On its website, LG has certainly said some encouraging words about what people can continue to expect from its phones in terms of vendor support over the long term.

In an FAQ section on the LG website, the company pledges to “continue to do the utmost to provide after-sales services and repair parts as required by relevant regulations, even after closing down the mobile business.”

LG also says it is “preparing service parts to prevent customer inconvenience” – adding that, on the software support front: “We will do our utmost to provide security updates and quality stabilization updates to prevent customer inconvenience.”

LG has not made a statement about what the future holds for its phones and devices, but the company has said that it will continue to provide support for users. They have said that they will attempt to work with carriers to provide updates for their existing devices. The last thing LG officially said was that “LG will continue to produce smartphones and home appliances until further notice.”

How to help yourself find a secure LG handset

LG Cell Phones are a good choice for your security. As an LG Cell Phone owner, you can take advantage of the built-in features of your device to help keep you safe. Security is important to anyone who owns a phone and is why LG Cell Phones are among the most secure handheld devices on the market. With features like Knock Code, Smart Notice, and Knock On/Off, LG has created phones that have everything needed to stay protected.

Whether you are looking for a new phone or just want to protect your current device, there are many things that you can do to help yourself find the right handset. First, take note of your main concerns. Are you worried about software updates? What security features are important? Is cost an issue? If so, then there are certain models that stand out.

LG is a global brand that has made itself a staple in the world of technology. It’s not exactly an easy task finding an LG handset, though. There are many ways to help yourself make sure you’re getting a reputable product. One way to do this is by using the LG smartphone checker. This tool will let you search for your model and determine if it’s been reported stolen or lost by entering your phone number.

Upon announcing its exit from the smartphone business, LG was vague about how long it would keep issuing software updates for its phones that are still out in the wild. However, a little later in April 2021, it released further, more concrete details on this subject.

Basically, any premium LG smartphone released in 2019 or later – such as a G-series, V-series, Velvet or Wing model – was said to be in line for three years of security updates. Meanwhile, cheaper LG models released in 2020 or later, like K-series and Stylo units, would get two years.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing an LG phone is which model you buy. The device comes with a secure element that helps protect your online shopping and personal information. It’s also very important to check which service plan is offered by the carrier you’ll be using.

Therefore, if you want an LG phone that should still be secure to use for the likes of online shopping and banking, you ought to be choosy about exactly which model you pick.

The UK consumer watchdog organization Which? advises that, if you have your heart set on snaffling an LG phone, you should “make sure to choose from one of the models that LG claims to be supporting for three years, such as the LG G8S ThinQ”.

Furthermore, LG also revealed in the above-mentioned FAQ section that most LG applications and services on its smartphone offerings would, “for the convenience of our customers, … continue to be available and updated in line with the current policies even after the closing down of the LG mobile business.” This all bodes well for the long-term viability of routinely using an LG smartphone.


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