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Future Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence or AI is the technology that is developed to make machines smart/intelligent. Though the devices that we have been using have always been smart, still they were not able to do things on their own. This is the reason why this technology was developed. This is science mixed with creativity. AI demands a developer to be creative because they need to design an algorithm that can teach a device. These algorithms also need to give them the ability to learn on their own. Machine learning, the subpart of AI, is what allows devices to learn by interacting with the world. Devices learn when they interact with people, with the internet, and with data.

The biggest benefit of AI in today’s world is that it is compatible with other future technologies like IoT and Blockchain. In this article, readers will get to know about future technologies and how AI will be used in them. The future belongs to AI, IoT, and Blockchain. These three technologies will take digital solutions by storm and change everything that we are using right now. From communication, streaming, payments, and shopping to reading, everything will change. Everything will be better when the machines will learn to work on their own. IoT will provide big data and AI-based applications will collect and analyze the data and make it worth processing.

Let’s first look at how AI will be used in future solutions:

Solutions Provided By AI

  1. Improvement in Transportation

By transportation here we mean to the traffic. It is important to make traffic-related technologies smart. More people die because of road accidents than by any other disease in the world. This is why the developers are working on developing solutions that can make the traffic smart. AI can be used in signals; they will not require any manual operator to change them. They will check the surroundings and make decisions about which side moves and which one stops. Also, this can be used to automatically identify people who break traffic rules and identify them by analyzing records. This is something that has already been started but it still has great scope for improvements.

Another great example of how AI can change transportation is by being used in the automobile industry. It can be used while a car or a bike is being developed. There can be enhanced security features that tell a person when there is a traffic signal or any other thing because of which they need to slow down. There can also be smart cars that can give warning to the driver whenever they are not paying attention to the road.

  1. The Solution To Photoshop

Yes, you read that right. Artificial Intelligence will improve photo editing in the coming future. It will enhance how the system can scan a picture, and it will increase the editing speed. For example, with Artificial intelligence coming into the cameras or editing software, users will be able to see the edited version of a picture even before it is clicked. This is smart and also very cool. The future is smart and so should be the cameras that capture it.

Developers understood the need for this and there are already some camera applications that have the AI features. One of the AI features that most people know about is click when we smile. This feature provides the camera with the algorithm that can help it to recognize smiles and then capture the photo at the exact moments. With this, users don’t need to set a timer and then wait in the same pose for seconds before the picture is clicked.

  1. A Revolution in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry needs AI more than any other industry. They can use it with their equipment, their applications, and software that allow users to connect with doctors. There can be applications that can ask and understand the data of a patient and forward it to the doctor without the need of papers. This can reduce the inconsistency that is caused by a person. Also, if the patient has some normal problems, they can even get a general prescription by the AI. This can be developed with doctors’ help and will solve the problems of many people.

AI can help the healthcare industry with the diagnosis. It can change the way things have been happening, the speed at which they were happening, and the cost that they required. One more important aspect that will be impacted by AI in healthcare research. There are many things that healthcare scientists are researching which means that there will be a lot of data as well. Where there is big data, AI comes into play to analyze it in the best possible way.

  1. Fintech

As mentioned above, AI has the exceptional ability to gather and process large amounts of data and make it suitable for the analysis and research process. This advantageous nature of AI has brought about a revolution in the industry like finance. With the help of AI, a large amount of financial data can be assessed to make predictive decisions in domains such as the stock market. It is the best option to predict data and it also gives a vision to the patterns of investment of several financial firms.

  1. Smart City

Smart cities include everything that has been mentioned above and more. AI can be used in every place. From a shop to parking lots to a cinema hall, people will see something working on AI everywhere. There might be chances that people will not get to see ticket sellers, and machines will do their work. This means that they will handle the finances as well as the management of other resources. A smart city is a city that works on applications and software. To make a city smart its technology needs to be smart, and artificial intelligence will make it smart. AI will influence everything in the best way possible and will improve the quality of life.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

No doubt that artificial intelligence is only going to evolve in the coming years. There are many industries that are already working with their respective research and development teams to imbibe AI in a practical manner as soon as possible. Some of the examples are self-driving cars, healthcare, diagnosis, as well as treatment, stock market analysis, and more. There are various other entertainment-related domains where AI is being extensively used such as the creation of selfie filters, the gaming industry, and more. In a nutshell, it can be said that the role of AI is becoming more important with each passing day and this technology is showing huge prospects for the future. There is so much in AI that has not been discovered yet. Whatever changes it makes, it will surely help users to take advantage of this technology.


Artificial intelligence is simply the understanding or simulation of human intelligence by technology. This technology has already revolutionized the process of human advancement by leaps and bounds. In the coming years, at this pace, we will be able to experience the unbelievable inventions of science with the integration of artificial intelligence.

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